Sunday, October 11, 2020

Story Post: R5 - Raven’s turn

I gained 2 land, 1 Foliage, 2 Aminal Biomass from Terrain die
I increased my pressure by 1(effectively making it 2)
I deceased my Foliage by 2 for Consume
I rolled for Contain and got 39.
I deposit, effectively adding a new level with it’s starting value.
For Vitalise, I gain 9 mana
I picked Heartwood to add on my Island and doing it’s effect
Spent 60 Mana to remove “No Effect” from both Brown die and Greeb die
Spent 20 Mana to increase 1 “1 Land” side and 1 “1 Foliage” side by 1
Spent 40 Mana to add a “2 Land” and “2 Foliage” side to Red die


Josh: Bookie he/they

11-10-2020 21:27:31 UTC

Note that this action was completed after Bais’ subsequently-timestamped move for Round 5.