Saturday, March 18, 2017

Proposal: RAID BOSS

Self-killed. — Quirck

Adminned at 20 Mar 2017 07:10:56 UTC

Add a section called “Endgames” if it hasn’t been added already. Within it, add the following, if it hasn’t been added already:

An Organ can achieve Victory via one of the following Win Conditions if the date is March 25th 2017 or later.

As a bullet in that section, add:

Deep One’s Heart Win Condition: If a Nymph is at the Deep One’s Heart, that Nymph has achieved Victory.

In Habitat, add a section called The Deep One:

Cell G1 of the Habitat is named Deep One’s Heart, and it cannot contain anything except Nymphs and Creatures. Cell F1 is named Tentacle 1, Cell G2 is named Tentacle 2. F1 and G2 can contain a Deep One’s Tentacle as a Feature, and cannot contain any other Feature.

To the list of bullets after “The following Terrain Features are known to exist:”, add the following as a bullet:

Deep One’s Tentacle: (represented as [DOT: x HP], where x is the amount of Hit Points it has). A Deep One’s Tentacle has Hit Points (also called HP), which start at 5. Each time a Mobile Neighbor is moved onto the location where a Deep One’s Tentacle exists, that Neighbor is removed from play, and this feature’s HP is reduced by 1. Once this feature’s HP is reduced to 0, this feature is removed from play. Creatures and Nymphs cannot move onto locations that contain a Deep One’s Tentacle

In “Map of the Habitat”, change G1 to “Deep One’s Heart”, F1 to “Tentacle 1”, and G2 to “Tentacle 2”. Add a “Deep One’s Tentacle” as a feature to F1 and G2.

If at the moment of this proposal’s enactment, a Creature or a Nymph’s Location is G1, F1 or G2, place them at the Sea of Eden instead. (Unlikely to happen, but just in case).

An alternative to just being egg factories, and something a larger team can collaborate with to try to win, in case splitting happens.



03-18-2017 07:43:49 UTC

Example of how the positioning of the Deep One would look like:


03-18-2017 12:01:48 UTC

10 HP seems high to me. And it may lead to a race where a bunch of nymphs sitting on G2 see who can be the first to act after midnight.


03-18-2017 15:12:01 UTC

OK, 10HP-> 5HP

Also, given the heavy reliance on daily actions that the game has, it’s going to be difficult to make wincons that don’t have that “first to act” problem. However what makes this case interesting is that, given that everyone is part of the same creature and aware of the same thing, preemptively moving away from the Heart and stockpiling Gonium is a totally valid strategy - even ditching the rest and becoming a Nymph before the “wall” is even down to get a head start.

A lot can be done. However, yeah. There is little to no workaround to the daily action thing, which governs nearly everything.

Worth a shot though.


03-18-2017 16:04:01 UTC


Oracular rufio:

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03-18-2017 22:36:32 UTC


Not against the concept, but I don’t think we’re quite ready for a win condition yet… yes, I know we’re pretty far in, but I don’t think we’re stable yet.


03-18-2017 23:26:44 UTC



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