Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proposal: Ready to rumble?

timed 5 to 2-Darknight

Adminned at 03 Oct 2008 10:59:20 UTC

Create a new sub-rule “System” under rule “Battle”:

Once a Battle has initiated and the turn order has been decided, Breeders may take turns posting their actions to the Battle Thread. A turn lasts until the Breeder’s Dragon uses a Move or until 24 hours have elapsed after the start of the turn. The Dragonmaster is also considered a Breeder for this rule.

When Breeders are participating in a Battle, they may not use Potion or Artifact Items except during their turn, and only may use one Item each turn. If they wish to use an item during the battle, they must include a message in their Battle Thread comment like, “Using X:” replacing X with the name of the Item and followed by the result of using the item (including the results of any dice rolls made while using the Item). 

If a move used by a Dragon would inflict zero or less damage, that move inflicts no damage instead.

A Breeder or may also opt to use a special action instead of using a Dragon’s Move during their turn. These special actions are “Retreat!” and “Defend!”. Each of these actions are invoked by making a comment on the battle thread including the name of the special action. Their effects are:

Retreat: The Breeder using it immediately losses the Battle. This special action has no effect if the Battle Thread’s title contains the text “[Hardcore]” or the user is the Dragonmaster.

Defend: The Dragon makes no move, but the turn ends. Next turn, if damage would be received by your Dragon, the opponent must roll 1DICE5 and get a 1, or no damage is dealt. You may not use this special action again within 72 hours.



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10-01-2008 01:25:08 UTC

against This rule does not seem to mention what happens once one of the dragons dies.  I’m not aware of any rule explicitly precluding dead dragons from participating in battles.  Thus, without noting what happens upon the death of a dragon, such a fight could conceivably go on forever.

If anyone feels that my interpretation of the rules is incorrect, please clarify such for me, at which time I may change my vote.


10-01-2008 02:08:44 UTC

X, your right in that no rule for battle mentions dead dragons but i belive it would be an easy patch up that I’ll propose in abit.


10-01-2008 02:09:18 UTC

for heh, forgot to vote.


10-01-2008 02:25:00 UTC

for , but Defend should be a Move.


10-01-2008 14:34:32 UTC


Ambi Valent:

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