Friday, April 16, 2010

Proposal: Rebalancing

Times out 3-5. -Ornithopter

Adminned at 18 Apr 2010 14:59:21 UTC

In the Task Mine, remove “and move into it”.

In the Job Mine, change “A Miner can Mine by spending 6 Energy instead of the usual 8” to “A Miner may move into the mined location after Mining at no Energy cost”.

In the Task Hunt, change “Any Colonist can perform this task” to “Any Colonist who is Outside can perform this task”.

Add a rule to the ruleset as a subrule to The Settlement, and name it “Regrowth”:

As a weekly action, the Expedition Leader may pick 6 random locations from the Settlement Map by means of DICE rolls. If any of these Locations are Outside, either Dirt or a Bush or Small Tree, and not occupied by any Colonist, they turn into Large Trees.

Mining is a bit too cheap on Energy at the moment.



16-04-2010 18:48:04 UTC

against  disadvantageous to me.


16-04-2010 18:48:29 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

16-04-2010 19:52:32 UTC


Josh: he/they

16-04-2010 19:54:51 UTC

against Mining should be easy. We are dwarves, born with picks in our hands.


16-04-2010 20:59:33 UTC

against Although we do have too MANY miners currently


16-04-2010 21:33:10 UTC

What we really have too many of is peasants.

Darknight: he/him

17-04-2010 23:40:50 UTC



18-04-2010 16:17:31 UTC

I second Seer and Darth’s reply to him.

I like the other two clauses.


18-04-2010 16:51:49 UTC

In all seriousness, we don’t have too many miners; we have too few of the other jobs (except peasants. F**king peasants).


18-04-2010 17:21:04 UTC

On second thought, mining doesn’t just add rock to the stockpile, it creates rooms for just the cost of the door. We still have too many miners (relative to other jobs) and peasants, and not enough anything else, but I support the increased energy cost.

No CoV, though, because the “after Mining” wording is just begging for a scam attempt. Not only does it arguably allow free movement to that square forever, it allows free teleportation to that square from any other.