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Proposal: Rebuilding Ships

Self-killed. — Quirck

Adminned at 03 Mar 2013 20:31:23 UTC

Amend the Rule “Spaceships” to read:

Each Captain has a Ship and one section on the “Hangar” wiki page (or “the Hangar”) that is used to track that Ship. The heading of every section in the Hangar consists of a Captain’s name followed by a colon and one word, which is the name of the Ship and is tracked under the GNDT column “Ship”. Within every section in the Hangar there is listed the corresponding Ship’s Class and all of its Specs and Installed Modules. If a Captain’s Ship has a Class of “-” they may, as a weekly action, change it to any other valid value.

Each Captain’s Ship has a number of Specifications (Specs) that describe the capabilities of their Ship. All Ships have Specs for Speed, Firepower, and Hold. When a Ship’s Class changes, the Ship’s Specs are set to the default values for its new Class. If a Ship ever has an undefined Spec, it is set to the default value for that Ship’s Class. The Ship Class of “-” has a default value of 0 for all Specs. The valid Ship Classes and their default Specs are listed below.

Repeal the Rule “Specifications”.

Enact a Subrule of “Spaceships” entitled “Scout”:

The Scout is a valid Ship Class. It has the following default Specs:
*Speed: 3
*Firepower: 3
*Hold: 5

Enact a Subrule of “Spaceships” entitled “Fighter”:

The Fighter is a valid Ship Class. It has the following default Specs:
*Speed: 2
*Firepower: 8
*Hold: 10

Enact a Subrule of “Spaceships” entitled “Freighter”:

The Freighter is a valid Ship Class. It has the following default Specs:
*Speed: 1
*Firepower: 5
*Hold: 30

In the Rule “Resources”, amend the text “The amount of each of these resources that is possessed by each Captain is tracked in GNDT” to read “The amounts of each of these resources that are possessed by each Captain are tracked in the GNDT in five columns, one for each resource”, and amend the text “When a Captain Measures a Sector’s Spectral Type” to read “When a Captain successfully Measures a Sector’s Spectral Type”.

Enact a new Rule entitled “Modules”:

Each Ship may have Modules Installed in it. Every Module has a name, a Size, which specifies how much Hold it takes up (Hold limits for Resources and Modules are separate), an Assembly, which specifies how it can be Installed, and an Output, which specifies what special actions can be taken with the Module. As long as a Captain’s Ship’s Class is not “-”, they can take any action of any Module Installed on their Ship at any time, granted they meet the requirements for the action. The available Modules are listed below:

Enact a Subrule of “Modules” entitled “Minor Reactor”:

Size: 1
Assembly: Spend 2 Aluminum to Install 1 Minor Reactor.
Output: Any Captain whose Ship has a Minor Reactor Installed can use it to add 1 to the Ship’s Power Total. The Ship’s Power Total is set to 0 whenever the Ship’s Captain uses a Module that does not have “Reactor” in its name.

Enact a Subrule of “Modules” entitled “Warp Drive”:

Size: 2
Assembly: Spend 1 Tritanium and 2 Gold to Install 1 Warp Drive.
Output: Any Captain whose Ship has a Warp Drive Installed and Power Total of at least 1 can use the Warp Drive as a daily action to Jump once more than their Ship’s Speed would normally allow them to.

Create a wiki page called “Hangar” in accordance with the Rule “Spaceships”. Remove the GNDT columns Class, Speed, Firepower, Hold, and Resources. Create GNDT columns Ship, Tritanium, Dilithium, Gold, Silver, and Aluminum. If any Captain had Resources in the former Resources column, they should be transferred to the new appropriate columns.

I bit of a large revamp. Provoked because it gets messy when we put all of our ship’s stats in the GNDT. I offer an open-ended, expandable system for customizing ships. The included Modules are basically examples of what I was going for. Oh, and Resources are now tracked in separate columns, room for which we got from removing Specs from the GNDT. It’s late now.


RaichuKFM: she/her

02-03-2013 07:09:56 UTC

imperial (Only posting to get e-mails for later comments)

RaichuKFM: she/her

02-03-2013 07:15:06 UTC

Wait, doesn’t this give infinite uses to the reactor? It’s patchable; what with the only available action Daily and resetting the Power Total when used, but I feel I should point it out.


02-03-2013 15:34:59 UTC

You’re right. Reusing a single reactor shouldn’t increase the Power Total, but that’s not a very hard fix.

Josh: Announcer he/him

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02-03-2013 23:23:37 UTC

I assume this is just because of the infinite speed glitch? Also note that nobody currently has sufficient resources to Install a Warp Drive.

RaichuKFM: she/her

02-03-2013 23:25:00 UTC

And you can get infinite power, but as soon as you use one its all gone, and it only effects one daily action.


03-03-2013 05:11:21 UTC

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said infinite speed. No matter how much Power one has, one can still only perform one extra Jump per day. We might want to make the Warp Drive more difficult to install/use if this proposal passes, as it is overpowered (no pun intended) now that I think about it.


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03-03-2013 15:16:03 UTC

for Maybe it’s just me, but I really like the module mechanic. I realize that it has problems, but those can be fixed later.


03-03-2013 23:46:06 UTC

against Self-Kill. Let’s get the problems ironed out.