Monday, January 22, 2018

Proposal: Release The Craction!

Reached quorum 6 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 23 Jan 2018 16:29:22 UTC

Add to the last step of the only dynastic atomic action

Take a Craction.

Append to “Crates”

A Craction is an optional action that is taken as the last step of taking an item from a Crate.

change “can be stored in a belt slot or a backpack slot. A resident with a crowbar in their hand slot may consume it to reduce another resident’s health by 2 if they have a violent stance towards that resident. This damage is lessened to 1 if the target has a hard hat in their head slot.” to

If this is in a hand slot the User may take a Craction to hit another Resident that they have a violent stance towards on the head for 2 damage.

The effects of the hard-hat should reduce the damage as long as you specify it’s head based.



01-22-2018 20:39:24 UTC

A very good solution to the problems of my suggestion, also helps my terrible sentence structure.  for


01-22-2018 21:26:54 UTC

How can a Craction be both part of an atomic action AND optional.


01-22-2018 23:30:11 UTC

Because you don’t have to do it formally, but its against the Fair Play Rules to do so.

Either way it still actually works and it would be funny if someone was baited or just walked into doing that.

But anyways against


01-23-2018 01:00:02 UTC

Well I guess that is a problem. But, depending upon Kevan’s will, I doubt we’ll get a crate with an item that uses Cractions before it’s fixed.


01-23-2018 02:18:35 UTC



01-23-2018 03:02:25 UTC


because fix exists


01-23-2018 08:25:45 UTC



01-23-2018 08:55:12 UTC

[card] The problem is that this proposal is making “take a Craction” a compulsory part of the taking process. If a player doesn’t have an item that lets them take a Craction, they can’t take an item (even if it’s all water).

for since there’s a fix pending.


01-23-2018 12:42:51 UTC

This is now at quorum, but the fix isn’t, so I won’t enact this yet, as it’ll prevent people from using the current crate.

Vote for the fix, people.