Thursday, January 27, 2022

Proposal: Requesting Promotions

Timed out. Does not have more than 1 valid vote cast on it, so cannot be popular and thus is unpopular—Clucky

Adminned at 29 Jan 2022 19:46:18 UTC

Requesting Promotions for Trapdoorspyder, lendunistus, and lemon.


Clucky: he/him

27-01-2022 18:56:58 UTC

The fact that you want to promote someone above you to get more options is probably a good sign the options rule should change

Josh: he/him

27-01-2022 19:10:08 UTC

Funny how that didn’t bother you this morning

Clucky: he/him

27-01-2022 19:32:00 UTC

I’m down for the rule changes. I just

a) don’t want to change stuff so that your department is always jumping around

b) when I get given the opportunity to position myself a level below another active player, thus getting options whenever they act, I’m of course going to take that option