Friday, January 28, 2022

Proposal: Requesting Promotions

Enacted with effective quorum 3-1. Josh

I don’t think quorum was 3 when this passed. Raven and Darknight also could technically vote on it.—Clucky

Now with my change of vote it can actually legally pass 4-0—Clucky

Adminned at 30 Jan 2022 05:38:31 UTC

Requesting Promotions for TyGuy6 and SupernovaStarbright.


SupernovaStarbright: she/they

28-01-2022 18:39:24 UTC

for :D

Clucky: he/him

28-01-2022 19:12:09 UTC

@supernovastarbright why would you want a promotion?

currently you get options whenever Josh or yourself does an action. if you get promoted you’d only get options whenever you do an action.

SupernovaStarbright: she/they

28-01-2022 19:26:12 UTC


Brendan: he/him

28-01-2022 20:10:33 UTC


Clucky: he/him

29-01-2022 00:40:30 UTC

against :D

“If an Employee does not share a Department with any Employee whose name is mentioned in a given Promotion Proposal or a Demotion Proposal,”

Fortunately, the “given” doesn’t apply to “a Demotion proposal” as then it would read “a given a Demotion proposal” so its definitely either “(a given Promotion Proposal) or (a Demotion Proposal)” and so as I share a department with an Employee whose name is mentioned in a Demotion proposal, my vote is not invalid


29-01-2022 01:03:08 UTC


Clucky: he/him

29-01-2022 08:21:59 UTC

fyi jumble I don’t think your vote counts as you don’t share a department with any employee whose name is mentioned in a demotion proposal


29-01-2022 08:22:50 UTC


Zack: he/him

29-01-2022 20:13:35 UTC

Do note I don’t love the idea of there being two VPs in one dept, so if this passes I will probably move either Josh or TyGuy. Do also note that because of the constant balancing act that is running this company, if this gets withdrawn I will have to move at least someone out of sales regardless, and I haven’t decided who yet.

Zack: he/him

29-01-2022 20:14:57 UTC

Move someone out of RnD*, not Sales.

Zack: he/him

29-01-2022 20:44:17 UTC

Also if this gets withdrawn I am liable to veto because I would much prefer having two VPs over no VPs.

Clucky: he/him

30-01-2022 05:38:03 UTC


this’ll probably pass in 6 hours anyways. and this is easier than having to undo josh’s edits on the wiki.