Saturday, April 06, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #14

Dawn breaks, and the first adventurer to come out and fight is Naught. They travel to the Ruins from town for the rather menial task of slaying bats; however, they have brought a bow, which speeds up the process. They also destroy a new monster, covered in fruit. Finally, after they can’t take the noise any more, they slay the two cockroaches there. Naught waves their magic stones over each of the dead corpses, which nets them a formidable sum of spoils.

Derrick goes next, traveling to the Cave from town, clearing out the cave and, rather heroically, taking down the enormous worm single-handedly. Using some newly acquired netting, they attempt to walk away with some spoils, but the valuable bits turn up unsalvageable. Dejected at their clumsiness, Derrick sulks back to town.

In a rare occurrence, all the adventurers end up in town this night. The group discusses the plague induced by the roaches that have long stalked the wilds. Each individual shares tales of their exploits, except for Pokes, who looks uninterested throughout the conversation. The other adventurers wonder if they ever actually cared about hunting in the first place. They retire to their beds late at night.

There are:

3 monsters in the Overgrown Forest,
0 monsters in the Dank Cave,
5 monsters in the Labyrinthine Canyon,
1 monster on Shadow Mountain,
2 monsters in the Eldritch Ruin, and
2 monsters in the Dragon’s Lair.


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