Friday, November 15, 2019

Proposal: Scattered weapons

Reached quorum 3 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 16 Nov 2019 19:16:45 UTC

Rename the sub-rule “Weariness” as “Inactive Vanguards” and replace its content as follows:

A Vanguard may be found Weary and replaced if all of these conditions are met:

– The Vanguard last became the Vanguard no fewer than 36 hours ago;
– The Monster has been Recovering continuously for no fewer than 36 hours;
– The Vanguard is not Dead.

If the Vanguard is Dead and has not performed a Battle Action since last becoming Vanguard, they may likewise be replaced.

Any Adventurer or the Priest may identify and replace a Weary or Dead Vanguard by taking the following Atomic Action:

– Randomly choose an Adventurer who is not Recovering, Weary, Dead, the Vanguard or the Monster; if no such Adventurer exists, randomly choose an Adventurer who is not Weary, Dead, the Vanguard or the Monster; if again there is no such Adventurer, randomly choose an Adventurer who is not Dead or the Monster. The Adventurer thus chosen will become the new Vanguard.
– Make a comment on the Battle Post, beginning with “[Weary]” (if the previous Vanguard has been found Weary) or “[Dead]” (if the previous Vanguard is Dead) and stating why the previous Vanguard is being replaced and who the new Vanguard is.

A Vanguard who was found Weary and replaced remains Weary until the end of the Battle; this status is tracked with the addition of an asterisk to their name on their character sheet for the duration of their being Weary.

If the proposal “Where Is Thy Sting?” has been enacted, replace every instance of “Dead” with “Unconscious” in the proposed changes above.

For the first time in this dynasty, a Vanguard was unable to attack because the Monster was not Recovering, and therefore it was its turn to attack. This presents us with two gaps in the ruleset.

Firstly, the Monster’s turn is not discounted from the 36 hours in which one can take a Battle Action before being found Weary. This could leave little or no time at all for the Vanguard to play (Kevan missed a trick there).

Secondly, if the Vanguard’s HP falls to 0 as a result of an attack by the Monster, the Weariness mechanic kicks in again, which means that everyone will have to wait longer than they need for the Battle to continue – though again it’s not a full 36-hour period. (Being Weary would technically also leave the Adventurer unable to attack again in that Battle even if Revived, which would count against their being Revived, but this is not a practical concern with so few Adventurers.)



15-11-2019 16:05:35 UTC

“The Monster has been Recovering continuously for no fewer than 36 hours” could use “the past 36 hours”. Otherwise, looks good!

Kevan: he/him

15-11-2019 22:13:31 UTC



16-11-2019 00:26:08 UTC