Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Proposal: Scourge of the Seas

Timed out, passed 7-3. Josh

Adminned at 02 Feb 2006 05:21:12 UTC

The more distinctive a pirate’s image is, the more legendary he becomes. Remove the following from rule 2.8:

A Swashbuckler with two wooden legs or two eyepatches has their GPS permanently reduced to zero. A Swashbuckler may never have more than two wooden legs, more than two hooked hands, or more than two eyepatches.

Add a sub-rule to the same rule:

Certain Motley, or combinations of Motley, have certain effects as long as they are true:
Scurvy: When a Swashbuckler gets Scruvy, they should role a DICE, of the number of their choice, in the GNDT. If the result is even, it is permanently added to their GPS. If it is odd, it is permanently subtracted from their GPS. Scurvy should be tracked in the GNDT as ‘Scruvy (y x)’, where y is either ‘-’ or ‘+’ as appropriate, and x is the result of the dice roll. Scurvy cannot be removed by visiting the sawbones, but may be contracted more than once.
Two wooden legs: GPS becomes zero and may not be changed until one of the wooden legs is removed.
Two wooden eyepatches: GPS becomes zero and may not be changed until one of the wooden legs is removed.
One eyepatch, one wooden leg, one parrot: Must be refered to in all Blognomic posts with the honourific ‘Long John’; GPS +3
One eyepatch, blue beard, tricorn hat: Must be refered to in all Blognomic posts with the honourific ‘Bluebeard’; GPS +5
Albatross, scurvy, chest scars: Must be refered to in all BlogNomic posts as ‘The Ancient Mariner’; GPS -4

The Captain may add to this list at any time.

Amend the following in Rule 2.9:

Whenever the mood takes him, the Captain may post to the weblog announcing an exciting piratical Adventure - a raid or a treasure dig or any such escapade - with a level of Danger, a Location and a doubloon- or motley-measured Reward of his choosing.


Elias IX:

01-31-2006 12:49:53 UTC




01-31-2006 13:19:48 UTC

for Arr, I be willing to dye me beard blue to receive that there honour, matey.


01-31-2006 13:32:38 UTC

Wait, wooden eyepatches?


01-31-2006 13:41:12 UTC

against On second thought, what’s stopping me from getting scurvy and rolling DICE253892358’s to get insane amounts of GPS at no risk at all? After all, a negative amount of GPS would immediately be set to 0…


01-31-2006 13:43:54 UTC

There would be some risk, as the effects of scurvy are one going, so with a result of -253892357, you’ve basically consigned yourself to never having a positive GPS score at all, ever.


01-31-2006 14:26:00 UTC

I think that’s not the case the way this is worded. The word ‘permanently’ doesn’t adequately describe your intents. You’d have to have the bonus/penalty apply continuously as a seperate effect.


01-31-2006 14:30:15 UTC

I think that, even if the term is ambiguous, the clause at the beginning - that motleys have “certain effects as long as they are true” - covers it.


01-31-2006 15:05:28 UTC

for Excellent. Although Scurvy could do with being simpler.


01-31-2006 15:37:34 UTC

for Arr, it’s up to interpretation, but I think we can agree to yours.


01-31-2006 16:08:48 UTC

imperial This is great, but why not just make scurvy be based on a DICE12 roll or something?


01-31-2006 16:54:25 UTC

against I don’t know how to “role” a dice.


01-31-2006 17:15:10 UTC

Hix: Because this way it allows people to determine for themselves the risk they want to take.

Rodney: That should come under enacting-admin-adjustable typos.


01-31-2006 19:05:03 UTC

The risk I _want_ to take with scurvy?  I can choose that?

Angry Grasshopper:

01-31-2006 20:28:59 UTC


01-31-2006 21:34:57 UTC



01-31-2006 21:49:36 UTC

Yarr, be I gettin Scurvy or Scruvy?  for

The Lone Amigo:

02-01-2006 01:56:24 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

02-01-2006 02:28:20 UTC

against COV

T’ captain shouldn’t have such wide-reachin’ powers to create new special Motley.


02-01-2006 05:50:19 UTC

for has some issues which are addressed in the next revision proposals.