Saturday, February 25, 2023

[Search] Digging Deeper

I begin to search the Cellar again.


JonathanDark: he/him

25-02-2023 16:09:37 UTC

I join the Search

Josh: he/they

26-02-2023 16:41:12 UTC

I join the search

Josh: he/they

26-02-2023 17:01:43 UTC

I do appreciate that I am being tactically outplayed here, JD, but the direct mockery is… impolite

Kevan: City he/him

26-02-2023 17:34:37 UTC

Aren’t you on an open search in the Tent right now, Josh?

(”...if a Villager has joined another Search that is currently Open, they may not join any other Search; any attempt to do so is not considered a valid Response.”)

This search is now complete. If I’ve missed an obvious rule that allowed Josh to join this search, they’re free to grab a random adjective.

Josh: he/they

26-02-2023 17:46:03 UTC

No, you’re quite right, I just lost track. Thanks for catching it.