Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Proposal: Seasonal Adjustment

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 05 Mar 2015 12:55:11 UTC

Remove the sentences “At 11.59pm UTC on each Sunday, the Season progresses, changing to the Season listed immediately below the current Season in the list above (or returning to Spring if the current Season is Winter).” and “If this item is inaccurate, any Admin may update it to correctly reflect the current Season.” from the rule “The Almanac”.

To the end of the rule “Workplaces”, add:-

Then, the Townsperson who called the Day of Observance should post a blog entry announcing it, and mentioning the end of the current Season. Within 48 hours of such a blog post, any admin may (if no admin has already done so for this blog post) update the Season in the sidebar, changing it to the Season listed immediately below the current Season in The Almanac (or returning to Spring if the current Season is Winter), and mentioning this in a comment on that blog post.

Upon enactment of this rule, the current Season shall become the Season listed immediately below the current Season in The Almanac (or shall become Spring if the current Season is Winter).

Having Seasons roll over when a Day of Observance is applied, rather than magically on Sunday nights. Because the sidebar can only be updated by admins, we need to either make Day of Observances admin-only (which would give an unfair advantage) or do a little dance of any Townsperson calling the Day and an admin then updating the Season - I’ve gone for the latter.



03-04-2015 11:25:16 UTC

against Any admin can do unlimited Days of Observance (DoO) with this change if there is no Bailiff.

There are 2 conditions for a DoO:
1. Not done during this season, which is obviously true if an admin just changed the season, and
2. at least a Quorum of Townspeople have workplaces, which is obviously true if there is no Bailiff and a DoO has just been called.


03-04-2015 11:27:03 UTC

Also, I don’t like that, although not probable, if there is no admin in 48 hours, the season doesn’t change and the game is stalled since then no one may advance a season and a DoO has already been called that season.


03-04-2015 11:35:16 UTC

If “Back Again in the DHSS” passes, Workplaces will be blanked at the end of each Season, and this was written under that assumption. I should have made this proposal Dependent, in retrospect, I keep forgetting that.


03-04-2015 11:39:13 UTC

I dunno, I may be in a minority on this, but I sort of like the rhythm of a rigid, dependable turn order.

Maybe this could work interestingly, though - make it so that each DoO triggers a Festival period, during which proposals can be enacted or failed, meaning that proposal enactment becomes subject to a tactical imperative? imperial


03-04-2015 11:41:45 UTC



03-04-2015 11:47:41 UTC

If DHSS enacts we’ll have a turn based role selection mechanic that takes an arbitrary number of days to complete - sometimes less than a week, sometimes more. Linking it to Seasons will stop the Season from changing halfway through those turns.


03-04-2015 15:16:25 UTC



03-04-2015 15:58:50 UTC

for But this definitely calls for a Festival Mechanic.


03-04-2015 16:20:40 UTC

CoV for


03-04-2015 20:10:03 UTC



03-04-2015 20:17:38 UTC

CoV for

But I’d definitly like to change the 48h to indefinitly, otherwise idle admins could block the game in my opinion.


03-04-2015 22:01:16 UTC



03-04-2015 23:53:28 UTC



03-05-2015 12:54:18 UTC

against Self-kill per this proposal.