Sunday, February 01, 2009

Proposal: Seems fair.

Qwazukee voted against  while in Wak’s account -Darth

Adminned at 01 Feb 2009 13:34:07 UTC

Wakukee has accidentally screwed up the site several times now. Ban Wakukee and have him start a new account (which will have the same credits, vehicle etc.) in order to strip him of his Demi-admin glitch powers before he does something really stupid. And no, this is not some part of an elaborate plot. I just feel really stupid and would like to protect myself in the future.



02-01-2009 11:54:30 UTC

What are you talking about? The fact that EE doesn’t bother correcting left-open HTML tags is hardly a “demi-admin glitch power”.


02-01-2009 12:27:07 UTC

against NO. DON’T DO IT. You have so much to live for!


02-01-2009 13:25:44 UTC

against Because this means you’d get to perform weekly actions twice, once as your new account.


02-01-2009 13:45:17 UTC

against This isn’t the way to solve it, even if Wakukee himself did propose this.


02-01-2009 14:24:24 UTC

against Uh, I don’t even know if a new account would prevent him from using any of the “demi-admin” powers.


02-01-2009 14:26:12 UTC

Lol, that ^^^ was obviously me. I wonder if that counts as a self-kill? Just speeds things up, if so. Either way,  against


02-01-2009 14:42:03 UTC

Yes, it’s legally a self-kill.


02-01-2009 16:27:26 UTC

Thats ok Qwaz. Looks like its going to be voted down anyway. I just realized that this would be a way to settle the glitch power problem.


02-01-2009 16:28:40 UTC

Can someone fix the GNDT?


02-01-2009 16:32:20 UTC

@Kevan: This may not be a glitch power, but getting rid of my glitch powers would decrease my options of ways to screw up in the future. I’ll be ready for them about the same time I’ll be ready to be a real admin, so why not just get rid of them until then?


02-01-2009 16:36:30 UTC

This may have been discussed before I unidled, but what “glitch powers” are you talking about?


02-01-2009 16:42:09 UTC

I can enact/illigalify/fail/etc. proposals, mess with timing, and do several other things which I am not revealing for the benefit of future demi-admins.


02-01-2009 17:26:19 UTC

And this was a power that your current account was somehow given, rather than an innate Expression Engine bug that you could just exploit again with a new character?


02-01-2009 17:36:25 UTC

Others apparently do not have these powers.


02-01-2009 19:11:21 UTC

So theoretically I would lose them if I started a new account. DC and I are the only known members with this glitch.


02-01-2009 21:05:17 UTC

against  And I was less powered than Wak until I became a real admin.