Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Proposal: Separate Creatures

Reached quorum 6-0. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 22 Mar 2017 22:55:23 UTC

In “Nutrients” change the paragraph starting with “The statolith may store any number of nutrients it is given.” with

Each Creature has a “supply” of nutrients. This is tracked in a “supply” field in the GNT on an organ belonging to that creature. It doesn’t matter which organ within a creature has the supply listed. These are tracked in the GNDT as the first letter of those nutrients, followed by the number of those nutrients stored. (eg. a supply with two units of Blonium and one of Nonium would track this as “b2g0n1m0”.)

Under “Anatomy” change “they along with the petitioning Nymph become part of a new Creature with the name in the Petition, and their states become amorphous.” to

they along with the petitioning Nymph become part of a new Creature with the name in the Petition, and their states become amorphous. The petitioning Nymph has the title of Neuron.

Make a new rule titled “Creature Voting” and add the following text

On proposals organs can cast a vote with “[xxx]” where xxx is the name of the creature they are in. Their vote becomes valid and the same as the Neuron of their creature when the Neuron casts a valid vote.

For each nutrient in a creature’s supply, assign it to the value of n*(p/a) rounded up. ‘n’ is equal to the number of nutrients currently in the statolith, ‘p’ is the number of organs assigned to that creature and ‘a’ is the number of organs assigned to a creature.

Then set the statolith’s nutrients to ‘-’

in Moods, Habitat, and all paragraphs of Nutrients that don’t start with “As a weekly action”, replace all instances of “the statolith” with “its creature’s supply”

Trying to bring back derrick’s proposal with my own twist.



03-22-2017 01:50:19 UTC

I’d prefer the Fat to be simply a common mechanic, not a role, because if the person who is Fat wins (given that Fat is a position of power), its going to be like “welp, RNG decided the win”.

RNG deciding a lot of power is generally not good imo.

Other than that it seems like something necessary and good.


03-22-2017 01:54:20 UTC

About how transfer could work out in that context, if being Fat is good, then nobody will want to give it away anyway, and if its bad, nobody would want to accept it (and if its forced on them by RNG, you would get that feeling that you lost in part because the RNG Gods weren’t merciful lol)


03-22-2017 01:54:32 UTC

I don’t see any better way of deciding who is the Fat for already created creatures.


03-22-2017 01:55:17 UTC

Make it an “NPC” of a sort, not an actual person.


03-22-2017 01:58:08 UTC

That removes the voting parts of the proposal, which is fun to have.


03-22-2017 02:08:05 UTC

I agree with that having a mini-emperor can be very fun. I think it would be very good actually, but as a separate mechanic (Head Neuron, perhaps?).

derrick: HE/HIM

03-22-2017 02:27:39 UTC

The Fat has no power except that which is given, and that’s just in votes. Its an interesting title, but ultimately, its just a title. Its not really connected to anything yet ... but it could be.

You may wish to specify rounding behavior in the distribution of nutrients from the statolith. Round all up, all down, give any extras to eve, or something like that.


03-22-2017 02:36:04 UTC

I sort of separated the voting with the supply in the last change. There’s no randomness this time but no Neurons exist, which can be an incentive to split out of Eve for some people.


03-22-2017 03:32:45 UTC

Gameplay based on choice as you’ve made it instead of RNG is good


03-22-2017 08:58:55 UTC

Looks good to me. Will vote soon.

derrick: HE/HIM

03-22-2017 12:53:41 UTC



03-22-2017 14:29:02 UTC



03-22-2017 18:35:45 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

03-22-2017 18:44:13 UTC



03-22-2017 20:49:39 UTC

I didn’t manage to comment on that on time lol, but anywhoo:

I’d do the nutrient splitting thing as an actual mechanic for each time a creature splits, because otherwise it’s just a blatant power-up for any split that happens between now and this enacting, as nobody else can opt for that favor.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-22-2017 21:53:25 UTC

Idle players generally refrain from telling the active players what they “would do”, on minor dynastic stuff. If you’re taking a break, take it.

Oracular rufio:

03-22-2017 22:23:09 UTC