Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Proposal: Sall Vase Shun

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 10 Jan 2020 08:37:47 UTC

Amend “Soul:” to:

Soul: If an Individual has 30 or more Soul Damage, they do not have a vote on Proposals, and they do not count for computing Quorum for a Proposal.

Create a new subrule to “Artefacts” called “Blood Idol”:

Description: An otherworldly, but (perhaps) benevolent eldritch being sealed within a 1,5m statue of the Virgin Mary. It seems to be crying blood.
Location: Unknown
Protocol: Do not transition from being at the Containment Facility to not being at the Containment Facility while holding this Artefact.
Effect: This Artefact is Alive. Its Behaviour (and effect when used by an Individual, and an Individual can use this Artefact if they are holding it) is to set the Soul Damage of all that share a Location with it to 15, then to cause all those who lost Soul Damage in this way to gain an amount of Flesh Damage equal to that amount of Soul Damage lost.

Add to Artefacts:

Alive Artefacts in the Containment Facility have “Do nothing” as their Behavior, instead of the Behavior described in their Effect.

- I think losing your ability to be relevant to (Proposal) votes, yet still be a player, feels “empty” enough to qualify for “losing your soul”.
- I also like the idea of a hostile healer NPC
- Making the Containment Facility able to “contain” Alive Artefacts.


Josh: HE/HIM

01-08-2020 13:19:49 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

01-08-2020 13:26:53 UTC


Brendan: HE/HIM

01-08-2020 15:57:19 UTC

against Strongly against removing proposal voting under any rationale. Compound effects from “Gizmos and Whatsits,” if it passes, would mean that Collectors could get nullified very quickly.


01-08-2020 18:19:57 UTC

against since I wouldn’t want to have a person in a state where they can literally do nothing, not even vote.


01-08-2020 21:11:38 UTC

Mmkay against