Monday, March 13, 2017

Proposal: Shared Victory

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 15 Mar 2017 17:25:43 UTC

Add a section called “Endgames”. To it, add as a bullet:

Ultimate Satisfaction: Creatures can achieve Ultimate Satisfaction, if they fulfill the requirements for such. Once a Creature achieves Ultimate Satisfaction, the next Dynasty’s name will be whatever all Organs of the creature agrees it to be, or simply [Series of all of the names]‘s Dynasty, for example: “Jane’s, John’s, and Jacob’s Dynasty”. One randomly selected member of the Creature who has achieved Ultimate Satisfaction will become the victor of the current dynasty - this random selection will be made by the Statolith via the GNDT. That victor cannot overrule the dynasty name established by this Ultimate Satisfaction rule.

TEAM VICTORY RULES \o/ Intentionally a stub too.

Be part of a huge creature for more daily action and vote power, but have a smaller victory? Or be part of a smaller creature, and have a bigger victory? Your choice.



03-13-2017 21:54:29 UTC

You already know I’m totally into this idea. The Dynasty name could be really unwieldy though. What about Dynasty of [Creature]?

Oracular rufio:

03-13-2017 21:56:42 UTC

I think the phrase you want is “the Statolith shall select a random Organ of that Creature; the chosen Organ has achieved victory.”  Also, I hope you realize that by pitting Creatures against each other you make these voting blocs you’re so worked up about like 1000% more likely to actually occur.


03-13-2017 22:32:30 UTC

I’m worried about hopelessness, which stagnant voting blocs would create. If you’re outside of the bloc, you’re super fucked.

However, with the nymph rule, you can unfuck yourself. So there’s hope, so it’s fun, so I agree to it.

Oracular rufio:

03-13-2017 22:34:05 UTC

I mean, if they really don’t want you to join them, all they have to do is not welcome you and that’s that.

But eh, people would probably still play fair.


03-14-2017 00:01:20 UTC

Yep. Or the other way around. The rouges can scam or something to become stupidly rich to use as incentive to make others join THEM.

Either way, it allows for more dynamic play and less curbstomping.


03-14-2017 00:32:12 UTC

An unlimited supply of well water wasn’t rich as the water was not very, ahem, liquid.

Oracular rufio:

03-14-2017 00:38:08 UTC

“May do X” doesn’t mean “may choose whether or not you are able to do X”, it means “may only X” or “may do X only up to the point specified”.  This is one of Grice’s Maxims (, specifically the maxim of quantity.  It’s the same reason that you don’t say “I have $5” when you actually have $20, even though that would technically be correct, the same way “you may carry three remedies” is technically correct if you may carry 20 remedies.  I think it is reasonable to assume that Grice’s Maxims apply to the ruleset, since they are standard in English.  If you don’t think they do right now, we can make it a rule, if you want.


03-14-2017 00:51:43 UTC

True, but if I had been more experienced/smarter/inspired, I would’ve made well water (or just “lots of remedies” or something) have some purpose or advantage before I loaded myself with a bunch of fool’s gold.

I’m not familiar with Grice’s Maxims unfortunately but if they’re described explicitly then I’ll have no problem with voting for it.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-14-2017 11:57:45 UTC

against Choosing a random victor from a (potentially very large) group of players doesn’t seem very interesting. At least make them choose one.

Also, regulating “the next Dynasty‚Äôs name” doesn’t do anything, as this rule will either be repealed or be referring to the dynasty-after-that, by the time we get to the next dynasty.


03-14-2017 15:08:51 UTC


Oracular rufio:

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03-15-2017 03:55:10 UTC

against S/K

Not going to turn around.