Monday, September 19, 2011

Ship Ahoy!

Since Anduril threw our fishing equipment in the sea last week, our only immediate hope for fresh food is to flag down a fishing trawler. Although I can’t see much through this periscope, it looks like that shape on the horizon might have some seagulls trailing behind it…



09-19-2011 11:24:09 UTC

I’m prepared to support this one too, but having lost a Sanity to the last attempt it’s someone else’s turn to commit. I’ll add my support when doing so will reach quorum.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-19-2011 11:52:09 UTC

Note that this Sighting only requires two supporting Ahoys, so long as one of the Ahoyers has the Periscope.

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:22:20 UTC

Ahoy! I feel somewhat responsible, given the fact that last time I pointed out that the saner thing to do would be to keep quiet. Now, the saner thing to do is to get some food, before everyone starves, which I feel would be a disappointing end to the dynasty.


09-19-2011 13:27:25 UTC

Ahoy! It IS a ship! I’m sure this time! ;-)

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:42:07 UTC

I think it’s an abandoned passenger ship! I wonder if there’s any food on it…


09-19-2011 13:46:34 UTC

Erm… didn’t you have to wait for 48 hours to be up in order to do that?

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:51:31 UTC

There is!


09-19-2011 13:54:18 UTC

Also, don’t your (illegal?) finds need uncertain flags?

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:54:39 UTC

Hmm… Good point. Though “After 48 hours” is a bit ambiguous. I guess it can’t really mean after anything else than the Sighting being first posted.

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:55:14 UTC

Yep. Illegal on reflection. Reverting.


09-19-2011 20:27:11 UTC

Ahoy! Definitely a ship!


09-20-2011 16:59:56 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

09-21-2011 01:03:44 UTC


Prince Anduril:

09-21-2011 12:08:43 UTC

We’re close enough to confirm that it is indeed a ship! I’m off to investigate!