Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ascension Address: Shipwrecked!

Change “Admiral” to “Weatherman” and “Captain” to “Castaway” throughout the ruleset. Repeal all dynastic rules.

As crew to an exploration vessel, The Windfall, you’ve left behind the tyrannical rule and tentative peace of the quasi-mad Admiral TyGuy6, to brave new dangers and seek new wonders. But only weeks after departing the territories of the Island Nations, you find yourselves in a battle for survival! The Windfall is now a wreck, and what’s left of its crew and passengers have washed up on a strange island. Your mission of exploration continues here…



11-09-2019 05:27:40 UTC

arrow I’m keen!

Kevan: he/him

11-09-2019 15:30:08 UTC

TyGuy6 has said “I’ve got some proposals in the works, just give me a day or two.” on Slack. It’s unclear if that’s in the expectation that everyone else should hold off proposing until then.


11-09-2019 20:10:13 UTC

It’s cool, we can always tie things together later on if needed. I already love the hallucinations idea!