Saturday, February 26, 2022

Proposal: Snap Out Of It, Bomb

Enacted 5 votes to 0. Josh

Adminned at 28 Feb 2022 11:38:21 UTC

In the rule “Dynastic Discretion”, replace “a random selection which is judged to be in poor taste or offensive” with:-

a random selection which is judged to be in poor taste, offensive or of a format which bears no resemblance to the items on the input list

In “Parallel BlogNomic”, replace “and hit ‘Generate’.” with:-

and repeatedly hit ‘Generate’ until the Paralleliser returns a list of five or more items that bear a resemblance to the items on the input list.

It’s possible for the GPT to decide that the list it’s writing is over and to start writing in full paragraphs. (This happened once for me yesterday when testing out Emperor names.)


Clucky: he/him

26-02-2022 08:51:15 UTC

I’m not sure this solves the problem the flavor text is talking about

My reading of Brendan’s rule is that if “The Autistic Dynasty” had come up, I could’ve re-rolled from the same list until I got a better one.

If GPT starts writing out full paragraphs, it sounds like we need to re-roll the whole GPT not just the selection at the end.

Kevan: he/him

26-02-2022 08:57:57 UTC

It solves the problem where the GPT lists ten things and then switches to full text, which is all I’ve seen it do. You’re right, though, maybe we do need something if it immediately starts writing paragraphs.

I’ve added a second clause.

Lulu: she/her

26-02-2022 13:03:06 UTC


Josh: he/they

26-02-2022 18:00:42 UTC


Brendan: he/him

27-02-2022 02:45:09 UTC



27-02-2022 07:20:51 UTC