Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Proposal: Spacecraft Battles, Act I Take I

Timed out 5-0 Darknight

Adminned at 13 Jun 2008 22:23:57 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule titled “Spacecraft Battles” with the following text:

A Spacecraft Battle (abbr. Spacebattle) may only be created by proposal or as described by a rule. The following features of a spacebattle must be specified on creation by whatever created it:

Attackers: The spacecraft (may be plural) on the attacking side.
Defenders: The spacecraft (may be plural) on the defending side.

An attacker is any spacecraft on the attacking side. A defender is any spacecraft on the defending side. There must be at least one attacker and one defender specified upon the creation of a spacebattle.

When a spacebattle is created, any Admin may make a story post with “Spacebattle:” at the start of its title, with the attackers and defenders in the newly created spacebattle explicitly stated in the post, alongside any flavor text. This story post is then the spacebattle’s Battlepost.

Want to get the ball rolling. Taking the attitude that a battle is an object, and that spacecraft objects interact and are affected by it - this seems the easiest structure to expand on. ‘Battlepost’ is just an attachment of battle to story post, as players would take actions by commenting in this post, and any results from actions will be posted as comments too. Battles would ideally be starrted by DDA Members proposing initiating a battle with something, or by managed Planar Entities ‘deciding’ to mobilize their spacecraft. If this passes, I’ll start looking at turns and basic firing.



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11-06-2008 19:52:18 UTC

Also, I would like to make a few suggestions about Spacebattles.

1. Pilots should be able to control the ship in some way, and their Piloting levels should in some way determine the success or failure of those manuevours.

2. Bombadiers should be able to pick targets and fire the weapons, and their Gunnery levels should in some way determine the success or failure of those attempts.

3. The defending team should have a chance to surrender before they are destroyed, and the attacking team should have a chance to retreat (possibly followed by a role reversal) before they are destroyed.


11-06-2008 21:20:39 UTC

Response to Yoda:

1. Yes, I’m thinking the pilot could attempt an evade that either reduces enemy hit chance, reduces own hit chance or both based on success/failure.

2. I’m thinking Bombadiers could choose a target - weapons, armour or cockpit, maybe - different hits would cause different results, and they could still hit anything by ‘missing’ their target. Need your input though - are we just using the ship’s Power attribute, or will a Bombadier fire an individual weapon on the ship, so multiple Bombadiers could use the different weapons on the craft?

3. Yes, maybe later. Surrendering will come with the victory conditions. I’m sure we’ll find out whether anyone would ever bother retreating once the combat rules are done for the latter part.

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11-06-2008 22:16:17 UTC


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12-06-2008 02:15:18 UTC

1. You should also take into account the ship’s speed.

2. Rodlen would probably be a better judge as to how he wants it to go, but my suggestion would be to just use the power attribute since we could have more bombadiers than weapons.