Thursday, June 15, 2017

Proposal: Spanish Inquisition

Reached quorum 1-5. Failed by card.

Adminned at 17 Jun 2017 06:34:28 UTC

Upon enactment of this proposal, add to “Hints”:

If at any moment there is QUORUM amount of Cultists or more, the Expedition Leader shall make a Spanish Inquisition public blog post in a timely fashion. Such a post will convert an amount of Cultist Backgrounds to Scholar Backgrounds, determined by the Expedition Leader. The newly-converted shall have their new condition communicated to them in private in a timely fashion.

If there are Quorum amount of Cultists, the game should be over imo and I wouldn’t feel alright to win as a non-Cultist because the Cultists just chose to not employ their Quorum power either. This should help to solve that.


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-15-2017 07:48:07 UTC

Per the roster, there may already be a quorum of Cultists (and they probably don’t all know each others’ identities yet).

against as this seems uninteresting, whether it hits a group of clever or unaware Cultists. And (if your “Cultists are all as excited about the word ‘win’ as Cuddlebeam is, and will do anything to get there” theory is correct) that quorum of ex-Cultists could just propose that Cthulhu rises anyway.


06-15-2017 08:08:25 UTC

To me (personally), if there’s a quorum-cult but that just chooses to not play optimally because of their own subjective measure, it would feel like if I’m playing Chess and have gotten legitimately checkmated but the opponent just chooses to move out of the checkmate to “continue the game” because they just didn’t like the checkmate. I’d be a bit annoyed lol, if I’m beat, I’m beat, if I win, I win.


06-15-2017 10:39:26 UTC

How should cultists ‘optimally’ identify each other?


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06-15-2017 11:31:44 UTC

against I you’ve “gotten legitimately checkmated” then your opponent doesn’t get to move…
A closer simile would be a game of mafia or werewolves where the wolves didn’t realize they already had a majority, or choose to keep playing because they feel it’s more rewarding to win without revealing themselves.
In such a situation, if the wolves overlook something and end up losing the game, no one is going to say “hey, no, the wolves had already won”.

In a game of chess, if your opponent has a much better position and you feel like you’re losing, but suddenly they make a big mistake and you capture their queen, would you be annoyed and say you had already lost?


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06-15-2017 20:27:05 UTC

@Koen: That is a fair comparison. My flaw was to reveal that the quorum-cult was likely, but I kinda went straight to grabbing a “Aha - I told you so!” moment for if it did happen because that was what I thought of first.