Friday, January 05, 2018

Proposal: Spring Clean

Reached quorum 5 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Jan 2018 08:16:05 UTC

Repeal “Group Spirit” and “Cranky Grasstooth”. Remove the “Lone Wolf” ability from “Abilities”.

Tolerance for awkwardly-worded edge case mechanics from a player who wrote one such rule “for the hax lol” decreases. None of these three have been used much anyway.



01-05-2018 10:34:45 UTC

Provisional redtick. I agree with the awkwardly-worded edge case mechanics issue, but to be honest I spent some time writing the Cranky Grasstooth post (I’m not much of a writer) so I hate to see it go to waste :D (Yes I didn’t post any follow-ups but that one post actually contains enough detail to give the items’ positions with a certain degree of accuracy). I would be ok with removing the Lone Wolf ability though as it overrides the groups mechanics in dangerous ways.


01-05-2018 14:15:21 UTC

I actually didn’t write some of those, but oh well. Nobody besides the two of us seem to be playing (to win) anymore.



01-05-2018 19:23:51 UTC

[Diabecko] I did enjoy reading and puzzling over the Cranky post, I’d just rather see the rule repealed, all things considered. The benefits I think I can get from it as a player outweigh the risk of obscure wording scams from the player who likes obscure wording scams and included some obscure words here.

[Cuddlebeam] You wrote all three of these rules.


01-05-2018 19:53:27 UTC

@Kevan: I mean, I posted them for someone else, to use that diversion tactic I mentioned way back. (Just swapping around who posts proposals, so that, even if certain subtleties are sniffed, people can’t make the final connection between that and the poster, so that it’s easier to have self-serving stuff passed.)


01-06-2018 01:10:19 UTC



01-06-2018 05:39:06 UTC

Yeah, not liking that Lone Wolf is a one person only ability and other wording issues.


01-06-2018 07:15:41 UTC

for ok then