Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Proposal: Stand Here

Reached quorum 12 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 Jul 2011 01:52:04 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Traps”:-

A Target is a type of Entity, represented by the Icon “IconTarget.png”.

If there are fewer than four Targets in the Arena, any Gladiator may - as a daily Action - create a Target by selecting a random Arena Square. If the selected Arena Square is empty, then the Gladiator may place a Target in that Arena Square by updating the Arena wiki page.

Whenever a Gladiator (known as the “Victim”) would move into an Arena Square containing a Target, that Target is first removed, the Victim is moved to its Square, and the Gladiator responsible for causing the movement (the “Triggerer”) must roll DICEX in the GNDT (where X is the number of Traps in the following list) and apply the effect of the Trap whose number matches the die result:-

  1. Vertical Particle Beam. The Victim dies.
  2. Floor-Mounted Buzzsaw. The Victim dies.
  3. Monowire Cheesecutter. The Victim dies.
  4. Stickybomb Fountain. The Victim dies, as does every Gladiator in a square orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to the Victim.
  5. Spring-Mounted Propeller Panel. The Triggerer selects a random Arena Square. If that Square is Empty or contains a Target, then the Victim is moved to it. If the Square contains a Gladiator other than the Victim, then both that Gladiator and the Victim die. Otherwise, the Victim dies.
  6. Crazy Ivan. The Victim’s AP is set to zero.

To Rule 2.2, add:-

If a Gladiator is ever required to select a random Arena Square, he must do so by rolling DICE9 twice in the GNDT; the first roll corresponds to the column of the selected Square (where A=1, B=2 and so on) and the second roll corresponds to its row.

Reword Rule 2.4 to:-

Each Entity in the game may be represented by an Icon. An Icon is any wiki image which measures 80 pixels by 80 pixels, and whose filename is either “IconXxxx.png”, “IconXxxx.gif” or “IconXxxx.jpg”, where “Xxxx” is a string of no more than eight characters.

If a Gladiator has no Icon, he may select any valid Icon which exists on the wiki, and which is not being used to represent any other Entity (nor is it “IconEmpty.png”, nor a filename which is referenced in a pending proposal), and assign it to himself. This becomes that Gladiator’s Icon.

The Announcer may change the image of any Icon at any time.

If any Gladiator has “IconTarget.png” as their Icon, their Icon becomes unassigned and they become Resting, if they are not already.

Proposing a trap system that doesn’t require Bucky to maintain any secret gamestate, and implementing basic versions of Josh’s six traps. (Also cleaning up the icon rule so that we don’t have to mess around with exceptions, every time a proposal would add a new Entity icon.)



06-07-2011 11:24:25 UTC


So everyone knows the location of all traps, but they change their form all the time. Looks good.

“Gladiator (known as the “Victim”)” one could say that there is no Gladiator known as the Victim. I am mideg. There’s Yoda, and so on, no is known as the victim…. Hm.

Prince Anduril:

06-07-2011 12:21:21 UTC


This could be fixed by changing the sentence to:

“Whenever a Gladiator would move into an Arena Square containing a Target (the “Victim”), that target…”

Prince Anduril:

06-07-2011 12:22:48 UTC

Actually, that’s not right, is it? How do you word that so the referent is the gladiator, but the context remains correct?


06-07-2011 12:37:15 UTC

Common English usage would prevail here, I think. The parenthesis mark the clause as a consequence, not an identifier.



06-07-2011 13:28:57 UTC



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06-07-2011 15:41:02 UTC

imperial I’m concerned about “(nor is it “IconEmpty.png”, nor a filename which is referenced in a pending proposal)”.  This doesn’t say anything about other files referenced in the ruleset, just in pending proposals.  Also, it doesn’t protect against a player who already has the icon when the proposal is proposed.

I think a better wording would be “(nor a filename which is referenced in a dynastic rule)”.  Then, whenever we add a new file to the ruleset (like this one does), we use the “If any Gladiator has X.png as their Icon, their Icon becomes unassigned and they become Resting, if they are not already.” clause.


06-07-2011 17:27:08 UTC

for , as a supplement to other traps with known locations.


06-07-2011 18:57:31 UTC

I’m not entirely sure about the Gladiator/Victim issue, and I just don’t like the idea of having a proposal use numbers instead of the name of the rule. I know it has been used in a scam before and I just don’t want it to be abused. Sorry. Other than that I like it.


06-07-2011 19:05:17 UTC



06-07-2011 22:57:04 UTC

@Yoda: The first person to make such a proposal should fix this. for

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-07-2011 23:22:58 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-07-2011 23:46:59 UTC

[Yoda] It’s already covered by “not being used to represent any other Entity”, but I suppose there might be future cases where Icon filenames are used for other purposes in the ruleset.


07-07-2011 01:51:20 UTC

I’m mainly concerned about the “a filename which is referenced in a pending proposal” clause.  I know this isn’t the case right now, but I can see someone using that to make a pending proposal which references all filenames currently in use to make everyone’s icons invalid.  You can’t do this the way it’s worded right now, but it’s too close for comfort.

What I’m suggesting is to change it to say “a filename which is referenced in a dynastic rule” so that someone cannot pull a pending proposal scam.


07-07-2011 07:10:46 UTC

Yoda: This won’t be possible, as the validity - again - seems to be only checked whenever the Icon is selected. Existing Icons remain unchanged and even of they could be claimed to be invalid, there’s no consequence in that.