Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Proposal: Sticky Situations

Enacted 11-1. Josh

Adminned at 15 Jul 2011 01:30:26 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset.  Call it “Altar of Mayhem” and give it the following text:

There is an Entity, the StickyBomb Dispenser, located at E5 and represented by the Icon “IconDispnsr.png”.

A StickyBomb is a small object that a single Gladiator is attached to.  At any time, if there are no StickyBombs in existence, any Gladiator adjacent to the StickyBomb Dispenser may make a StickyBomb Post; this is a Story Post with a title containing “(Bomb)”.  A StickyBomb Post should be sticky.  A new StickyBomb is then created with that Gladiator attached to it.

The Gladiator attached to a StickyBomb may fob it off on another Gladiator in an adjacent Square who has not previously been attached to that StickyBomb; to do so, he posts a comment to the StickyBomb Post saying so.  He ceases to be attached to the StickyBomb and the other Gladiator becomes attached to it.  At each Turn Boundary, if a single Gladiator has been continuously attached to the StickyBomb since the last Turn Boundary, the StickyBomb explodes, causing him to Die.  When a Gladiator attached to a StickyBomb Dies, the Gladiator who fobbed it off on him and the Gladiator who made the StickyBomb’s StickyBomb Post are each awarded a Frag and the StickyBomb ceases to exist; this should be noted in a comment to the StickyBomb Post.

Any Gladiator located at E5 when this proposal passes is crushed under the falling Dispenser and Dies.  Any Gladiator who Shoved him since the last time he Stepped is awarded a Frag.  Likewise, if any Gladiator has IconDispnsr.png as their Icon, they Die and then cease to have it as their Icon.

Same mechanics, but



13-07-2011 00:01:18 UTC



13-07-2011 00:31:18 UTC

against This will still lead to sticky StickyBomb post spam, doesn’t it? Since the stickieness of the StickyBomb post is not removed once the bomb ceases to exist.


13-07-2011 01:26:56 UTC

for midegs bug could be fixed later

Darknight: HE/HIM

13-07-2011 01:44:12 UTC



13-07-2011 01:52:50 UTC

for I agree with Doctor.  While that does need fixing, it will be a while before it becomes a problem since only one stickybomb post is allowed at a time.


13-07-2011 02:31:06 UTC

It says “should”. Nothing stops an admin from destickying it.


13-07-2011 04:16:16 UTC

Another fix to make.


13-07-2011 04:34:59 UTC

Sticky status is traditionally not gamestate.


13-07-2011 06:08:08 UTC



13-07-2011 07:13:48 UTC



13-07-2011 10:46:19 UTC

for per coppro (‘should’)

Bucky: Since it is ‘should’ there, you are right. But if the stickieness of the Post was regulated by the Rules, it would have been Gamestate. Tradition is not covered by the rules. ;-)


13-07-2011 10:46:44 UTC

Or, to reword it: Tradition is traditionally not gamestate. ;-)


13-07-2011 10:51:18 UTC

for I like it, but

Kevan: HE/HIM

13-07-2011 11:14:10 UTC

imperial There’s also a magic invisible effect of “player dies when a turn boundary happens”. And being awarded a Frag simply for being the first person to get to the StickyBomb dispenser during the next turn seems a bit cheap.


13-07-2011 11:29:16 UTC

It might be better if the last person to hold the bomb and not die (from the effects of this bomb) gets the frag. Or anybody that had the bomb.

Prince Anduril:

13-07-2011 11:54:16 UTC

Anybody who had the bomb is a nice idea. It would also reward people who managed to fob off the bomb on someone else earlier in the chain - and not just those who were lucky enough to have it last. But all these changes can be amended later.  for


13-07-2011 17:54:29 UTC

for in foavr with amendments