Monday, May 29, 2006

Story Post: Day Nine

The storm over the Abbey has dispersed, and a little bit of the gloom has lifted. At the hour of Terce, the Porter can see a figure approaching the abbey along the road through the vineyard across the hills. An itinerant Fransiscan, Zorenathres, has come to pay a visit to the Badia. After making suitable arrangements, the Abbot Stefano introduces the new Monk over dinner.

“My Brothers, welcome Zorenathres of Sicily to our company. Zorenathres, I remind you (if no one else has whispered it to you) that we are in the presence of one who cares nothing for the laws, divine or secular, so please be wary. I am sure that the guards from Pisa will wish to question you at your leisure.”

“Our servants have repaired the monastery bell. I am willing to absolve the sins of whichever of our brothers cut the rope, if only he will come and confess it to me.”

“Brother TAE is the new Assistant Librarian, may his actions increase our knowledge. Hix becomes the Lector. May the both of you keep us on the path of righteousness, and not stray in these dark times”.

The Movement Rule is altered. New Actors are added to the GNDT, and their GNDT stats are altered by Story Post…. More. There is a new cipher. An encrypted rule has been used. The number of supsicious monks changes. Do you want your possessions identified? [Y/n]


  • New Items. Keys and props. Books.
  • Map edits. Librarians may no longer walk through locked doors.
  • New Proficiencies. Knowledege becomes more useful.

As the Abbot, I ask Brother Zorenathres to take a Vow of Silence.




29-05-2006 04:09:08 UTC

Is Zorenathres a tourist?

On a completely unrelated note, I just figured out that my wand-of-digging encrypted rule move was illegal, so I madi it into a Story Post.

Angry Grasshopper:

29-05-2006 04:24:38 UTC

I think we removed the ‘may edit the map provision’ from the Story Post rule, accidentally. He’s a new player, I’m sure we’ll figure out how he fits in someplace.

Mysterious stranger perhaps. *g*


29-05-2006 05:09:50 UTC

Read the new rule.  You can still make the story post and edit the map.

Angry Grasshopper:

29-05-2006 05:38:26 UTC

I, uh, stock a negative in there someplace when I read it, and Hix pointed it out to me this very day. Thanks.

Elias IX:

29-05-2006 15:43:11 UTC

So, I’m a guard?

All right, it’s time to break some prisoners.


29-05-2006 16:41:02 UTC

Ruleset quote: “The Story Post may also specify some changes to any part(s) of the Gamestate besides the Ruleset.”

So the map can be changed as part of the Gamestate during a Story Post.


30-05-2006 03:00:53 UTC

Say, what happened to our good frien Anonymous?

Angry Grasshopper:

30-05-2006 03:38:48 UTC

I removed it because of the accountability issue. I hadn’t given the password to everyone, yet some of our admin staff were using it.

I was in a grey area when I added it in the first place. If you would like to have an anonymous way to edit the GNDT (up to IP address, anyway), write up a proposal and we can put it back in if we have consensus.


30-05-2006 15:27:50 UTC

Or just email you the changes.