Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Story Post: Day Seven

There is a great clash and clangor as the bell at the monastery gate comes crashing down. A cry goes out, and the brothers of the monastery rush to the entrance to see if anyone was injured. The sergeant of the guards eventually makes his way to the front of the monastery, and begins to inspect the great bell. Shaking his head, he rises, and brings to the attention of all the thick rope, which was cut cleanly through.

At dinner that evening, the Abbot mentions that the accident was in fact intentional, and malicious, and warns of stern secular punishments, (not to mention hellfire and brimstone) when this evil brother is caught and brought to justice.

New Stations:

  • Purplebeard is injured and headed to the Infirmary. Since E cannot fulfil eir duties due to injury, E is no longer the Porter.
  • Bucky is near to the gate and un-injured and becomes the new Porter. E is no longer the Lector.
  • Smith becomes the new Lector.
  • Lex10 becomes the new Herbalist—our old one is off on a quest for some amulet, or something.



09-05-2006 18:50:13 UTC