Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Strikers’ Rights

In the rule “Departments”, replace “A Striking Employee may not perform Weekday Actions” with:

A Striking Employee may not perform any Weekday Actions except the Picketaction

doing the picket action as a striking employee is impossible since you can’t do any weekday actions. let’s fix that


Josh: he/they

01-02-2022 10:39:11 UTC

Might need to open this up to other weekday actions eg changing department.

Probably better to reword to specify which actions are excluded rather than permitted?

Josh: he/they

01-02-2022 11:07:27 UTC

Oh also this isn’t a proposal so you’ll need to repost

lendunistus: he/him

01-02-2022 13:51:09 UTC

oh goddammit

Zack: he/him

01-02-2022 14:02:11 UTC

You might as well just make a picket action a daily action instead of a weekday action?