Thursday, January 22, 2009

Story Post: [Taste] Orange in Sweet Orange Sauce

I personally found the sweet orange sauce to be a little overpowering—the corn syrup really didn’t balance well with the natural freshness of the orange or the the Canola oil. That being said, the dish actually surprised me—I at first felt like I was eating a sauce rather than a desert, and wished I had some chicken or something to put it on. Amazingly, the dish actually tasted a little like orange chicken—Darknight must have put something in that corn syrup. Overall I’d give the dish three out of five bananas. It is a unique dish which has a lot of possibility, but a little too sweet for my tastes.



01-22-2009 01:17:04 UTC

Actually, I injected some space-chicken steroids into the orange. It’s okay! The steroids were organic!


01-22-2009 01:18:54 UTC

Did you have the recipie on your table?


01-22-2009 01:21:20 UTC

He did. You can check the history, and I even ran into an edit conflict with him, I doth believe it.


01-22-2009 01:24:53 UTC

OK. I was jusk asking


01-22-2009 01:26:49 UTC

Lmao. Thanks for putting me into your review


01-22-2009 02:13:44 UTC

Epic.  for