Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proposal: Telling Arthexis to shove a brick up his nose [Trivial]

Times out and passes 6-4 with 6/9 ‘Punish him’s.  -Bucky

-10 to arthexis

Adminned at 22 Oct 2009 13:34:59 UTC

Create a new Dynastic Rule.  Call it “The Temporary Rule” and give it the following text:

If at any moment a rule entitled “The Temporary Rule” exists, all instances of the text string “30” become “100” in any rule whose title contains the text string “Speed Limit”. 
Immediately thereafter, the rule entitled “The Temporary Rule” is repealed.

“The Temporary Rule” shall not become a Team Rule.

If a majority of EVCs on this proposal also contain the text “punish him”, fine arthexis 10 points.

A number of players voted for your Speed Limit proposal only with the understanding that an amendment to increase the limit would follow shortly thereafter.  To veto the proposal to increase said limit is both bad form and a betrayal of several players’ trusts.

I don’t expect the add-on to pass, but I do feel obligated to include it.



10-20-2009 21:35:37 UTC

for  punish him


10-21-2009 00:11:10 UTC

against lol! So you don’t like players taking legal actions that they are explicitly allowed to by the rules? It’s not like it was even a loophole. In fact, YOU created the rule that allowed me to do it.


10-21-2009 00:39:57 UTC

It’s not the legality you’re getting punished for, but being an ass and going back on your ‘word’.  That said, I’m happy to ‘let’ you get away with it. against Punish him.


10-21-2009 00:41:43 UTC

@arthexis:  The action was legal, and I dislike it for reasons unrelated to its legality.  However, IIRC I did not create any of the rules that allowed you to veto my proposal, nor did I vote FOR most of them.


10-21-2009 01:23:52 UTC

Unexpected rule twists and trapdoor levers are great, they’re why we’re here. But they’re at their best when you use them to win, or to prevent someone else from winning. Killing off a popular rule change just before it enacts is a big waste of a good trick, and now - for the rest of the metadynasty - people probably aren’t going to trust your team with any more Team Rules.

The first rule of good Nomic scamming is to make sure that a quorum of annoyed players aren’t likely (or able!) to immediately undo the effects of whatever it is you’ve just done.

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 01:43:55 UTC

against In favour of Kevan’s.


10-21-2009 02:17:00 UTC

@kevan: Oh… so you say that people won’t trust my team… that gives me an awesome idea…


10-21-2009 02:20:47 UTC

@kevan: I’m on your team now :)


10-21-2009 15:20:29 UTC

Actually this proposal is more useful, as it actually repeals and replaces the rule. My proposal just disables the Speed Limit so that we can repeal it more easily in the future.



10-21-2009 15:33:52 UTC



10-21-2009 17:41:01 UTC

I was thinking that, Kevan.

for , and punish him.

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 19:25:16 UTC

CoV for Punish Him


10-21-2009 20:19:23 UTC

Meh, just in case veto


10-21-2009 20:36:30 UTC

Just in case you’re able to veto the second attempt at this rule change…?

for Duplicate vote. Punish him.


10-21-2009 23:17:57 UTC

The enactment of this proposal does not ammend or repeal any Team Rules.  An effect caused by a rule it creates modifies a team rule afterwards.


10-22-2009 01:32:53 UTC

In fact my veto does not work for an entirely different reason. So it’s just a decorative icon really.


10-22-2009 05:07:00 UTC

for punish him


10-22-2009 14:54:12 UTC