Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Story Post: Test Duel?

I’d like to test the dueling system and see if it feels like it works as is or if it needs more tweaks to be fun and interesting. I don’t seem to be a particularly creative Wizard, so I just produced some very large beasts!

We will duel at the City Gates. All Wizards are valid judges and opponents and the King is a valid judge.

“What are you doing?” the Counselor shouted. “Those beasts are to be used in service of the king and kingdom, not to settle your petty personal squabbles!”



26-06-2019 21:49:07 UTC

I don’t think the duel mechanics are fit enough for use yet, but I will volunteer as your opponent. May the best beasts win.

derrick: he/him

26-06-2019 22:05:41 UTC

I will be judge. Let the field exercises begin! what sort of beasts do you have to present to me?

derrick: he/him

27-06-2019 03:14:23 UTC

The battle was glorious, but a touch one-sided:

In position 1, on the south end of the field, Naught’s fire-breathing badgers (+3) held off Kiai’s Giant Numbats (+3)

In position 2, in the center of his line, Naughts Swift Winged Venemous Swans (+8) Trounced Kiai’s Giant Zonkeys (+3)

In position 3, on the north end of Naught’s line but the Center of Kiais’, Naught’s giant winged Emu’s (+7) flew over Naught’s mere Giant Emus (+3)

In position 4, Naught had no creatures to oppose the Giant Swift Venomous Swans (+7) Kiai sent around the north flank

In position 5, Naught had sent no creatures to oppose Kiai’s Giant Badgers (+3)

The forces ended up as a confused mess. It was uncertain who performed better, but In the end Naught seemed to come out on top (2 victories to 2 victories before an additional win being added to naught by a dice roll).

Naught is the triumphant of this battle, despite his numerical inferiority.

His majesty is greatly delighted with the performance of Winged beasts in exploiting city walls!


28-06-2019 01:20:19 UTC

I think this judgment was mistook. Kaia won the deciding die roll, didn’t she?

( DICE2:1 : Kiai gets a win on one, Naught on 2)

derrick: he/him

28-06-2019 02:05:22 UTC

Oh wow, that was Kaia. Sorry.

Kaia is the triumphant of this battle, with superior numbers winning the day. His Majesty is impressed by her ability to breed such a large variety of giant animals.