Monday, September 09, 2019

Story Post: The Captain becomes an Admiral


Captain TyGuy6 turned away from the rail and set his stern gaze on the young Signalman.

“Message from the Admiralty Sir, the enemy have accepted our terms - victory is ours Sir!”

Captain TyGuy6 allowed himself the smallest of smiles before dismissing the lad and gazing out to sea once more.
As the ocean wind buffeted him, he wondered mildly if he should order a new hat for the promotion ceremony…



09-09-2019 17:56:10 UTC

My first order of business will be to invest these treasures in autobot weaponry technology research… Ah, just kidding! I think I’ll fund an expedition to explore the world. Who’s with me?


10-09-2019 06:18:35 UTC

arrow let’s do it!