Saturday, June 04, 2022

Proposal: The City is Falling!

Timed out 6 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Jun 2022 16:09:31 UTC

Add the following to the end of the rule “The Fall of Atlantis”:

There exists a publicly tracked variable known as “Calamity Meter”, which defaults to 0.

Add the following to the “Auguring” Atomic Action, after the third bullet point and before the fourth bullet point of said atomic action:

* Applying the effect of a Water Fate to a random district, with a secretly randomly determined focus of between 1 and 20, inclusive, then doing so an additional number of times equal to the current Calamity Meter value.
* Increasing the Calamity Meter by 1.


Speeding up the end game a bit.


Kevan: he/him

04-06-2022 21:18:07 UTC


Josh: he/him

05-06-2022 08:37:21 UTC



05-06-2022 10:03:07 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

06-06-2022 02:37:26 UTC


Darknight: he/him

06-06-2022 10:31:36 UTC