Saturday, June 29, 2019

The First Campaign Season: Icy Caves

This is Campaign Number 1. Our battlefields are as follows:

Mushroom Mines: rich underground forest
Ice Floes: aquatic, aquatic, frozen
Ice Caves: underground, aquatic, frozen

Such terrain is difficult for regular troops to fight in. I need beasts able to conquer such terrain. Which Wizard can provide me with beasts able to conquer Sea, Ice, and cave?



29-06-2019 16:49:15 UTC

As a reminder, we get at least 72 hours to submit a list of five creatures/empty slots, along with the chosen battlefield. Creatures sent to fight can’t be changed, removed from stable, or dueled with, until campaign closing.

You face five Emus, each of strength 1-6, and you may lose a creature. But the kingdom looks on, and for your sacrifice is promised 5+1 favor if you win!


29-06-2019 17:50:08 UTC

Aquatic battlefields are my forté!
Ice Floes with my entire stable of Sponge, Swimming Giant Zonkey, Swimming Giant Numbat, Swimming Giant Emu and Swimming Giant Badger!


01-07-2019 17:34:18 UTC

Mushroom Mines
1. Giant Badger
2. Giant Zonkey
3. Giant Emu
4. Giant Numbat
5. Giant Swift Venomous Swan


01-07-2019 22:38:55 UTC

Ice Floes
1. Swimming Winged Giant Zonkey
2. Swift Venomous Swan
3. Swimming Winged Giant Emu;
4. Swimming Winged Giant Badger
5. (Empty)

(Strengths should be 11,2,11,11,0)


02-07-2019 15:19:16 UTC

I am closing this campaign. Enemies are of Strength: 3 3 1 6 2. Fourth slot defenders have been terribly pecked, and will be spending some time recovering in the medical tents! (Removed from stables.)


02-07-2019 15:45:46 UTC

card had 07777, for 4 wins! Kaia had 33332, for 1 win, 1 loss, and 3 ties! Tiebreaker went to the Western Forces. Oh no Kaiaaaaaaaaa! TyGuy6 had 3 wins. +6 favor to card and TyGuy6!


02-07-2019 15:53:18 UTC

I think I’ve done all the updates now in the GNDT. Feel free to double check.

derrick: he/him

02-07-2019 16:48:38 UTC

Kia won twice. The swan is Giant (+3), Swift (+0), and venomous (+2), for a total of +5 and her most devastating win by far.


02-07-2019 19:53:44 UTC

How right you are. Well done, not-small Kaia swan!