Thursday, July 06, 2006

The March of Time

Add a new Dynasstic Rule to the rulset titled “The March of Time”.  Give it the following text:

Each Traveller may often increment eir TL.  For example, a Traveller whose TL is 1422/4/30 may change it to 1422/5/1, but not 1423/4/30.

Edited to unofficial because someone else just proposed the same thing while I was writing this -Bucky

Further note: CP’s version seems to be unofficial because it’s eir third pending proposal.



07-06-2006 14:47:47 UTC

for Though I don’t know what a DynasStic (with a double S) is…


07-06-2006 14:48:14 UTC

for  against  imperial  veto Not a Proposal, either…


07-06-2006 14:50:41 UTC

Speaking of which, your own version seems to be a not-proposal because you already have two (identical) props pending.


07-06-2006 15:15:52 UTC

If you view the list of posts on “Edit Weblog Entries”, in the blog admin interface, it has tickboxes which allow you to delete unwanted posts.