Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Proposal: The nonviolent option

Timed out 1-2 (With one unresolved imperial vote) by Hix

Adminned at 19 May 2006 15:27:07 UTC

Add a new rule entitled “Arguments” and give it the following text.

Any Monk may conduct an Argument with another Monk(i.e. the Victem) who is within 2 Moves of the first Monk’s Location.  To perform the Argument, e comments “Arguing with {Other Monk's Name}” to the GNDT.  E then comments “Me: 2DICE[eir :nowledge] | Em:2DICE[Victem’s Knowledge]”.  Once e has done this, e adds half the result of the first roll monus the result of the second roll to eir Integrity (round amount subtracted up) and subtracts the same amount from the Victem’s Integrity.  Finally, e must make a post stating the name of the Victem, the subject of the Argument and the result of the Argument.

A Monk may not Argue with any Monk more than Often.



18-05-2006 17:42:31 UTC

Wow, look at all the apathy! against for now.


19-05-2006 08:15:28 UTC

Wow, look at all the apathy!

Possibly because it’s a fairly unoriginal proposal.  We’ve already got fighting.  Do we really need arguing as well?



19-05-2006 19:04:51 UTC



19-05-2006 21:04:33 UTC

Thelonious: because right now Knowledge is kind of useless.