Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Proposal: The Power of Words

self killed failed by card

Adminned at 27 Jun 2019 23:49:11 UTC

If the rules “Battle” and “Duel” do not exist, this proposal has no effect.

In the rules “Battle” and “Duel”, replace all instances of the word “victor” with the word “winner”.


As per Kevan’s comment on the proposal “Won the Cattle but not the Boar”, to prevent scams in the future.


Kevan: City he/him

26-06-2019 10:04:52 UTC

But this won’t prevent scams in the past, specifically during the time between “Won the Cattle” enacting and this fix enacting (which will likely be a gap of many hours).

Kevan: City he/him

26-06-2019 10:07:46 UTC

The two ways to address this would be to vote down “Won the Cattle” and repropose it, or to propose an urgent CfJ, which could (with enough votes in enough time) be enacted before Won the Cattle was enacted.

But this is all assuming that my concern over the word “victor” has any merit in front of a consensus of players, which it might not.


26-06-2019 10:13:57 UTC

Hmm… maybe it isn’t needed after all. From my admittedly short experience, Blognomic players tend to favour playing by the spirit of the dynastic rules.

Kevan: City he/him

26-06-2019 10:35:42 UTC

I’m not sure that’s true. There’s generally not much tolerance for extremely contrived interpretations of sentences, but a DoV of “according to the Duel rule I am ‘the victor’, that word means ‘a person who has achieved victory’, therefore I have achieved victory” seems straightforward enough that a quorum of players might accept it. There are certainly enough new players around that I couldn’t guess how everyone would vote on something like that.


26-06-2019 11:31:54 UTC

Ah maybe you’re right. Well, as you say, it also depends on everybody else!


26-06-2019 14:02:22 UTC

Self-killed, as the Call for Judgment “Precision in Victory” has solved the issue.  against