Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Saltwater Ritual

The wolf pads up to the altar and puts down chewed-up nightshade dripping with well water and damp salt from the dead priest’s pocket.
It sits on its haunches and after a few coughs and growls starts to speak in a human voice, reminiscent of the town librarian who disappeared weeks ago, but hoarse, as with a bad cold. It’s a simple incantation, thanking the dead. She pleads for healing, by the water that runs beneath the town like blood, drawn out into the roots of the night, cleansed with salt and sacrifice.
The ancient Saltwater Ritual completed, she lowers her snout and quietly says: “I miss you.”
Then she curls up to rest.

(Using Nightshade, Well Water and Salt at the Church to perform a Saltwater Ritual.)



03-02-2017 00:08:49 UTC

note: *cough* OK I have no idea why the time stamp is wrong on this. I posted after midnight, then did the GNDT.
The GNDT tracked it directly but the blog put the time stamp of when I started to write the post.


03-02-2017 00:11:49 UTC

Hang on, that’s not even when I started writing. What the heck? This is genuinely, very honestly a buggy time stamp. :(

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-02-2017 08:13:36 UTC

Is it not even the time that you opened the “write a new post” tab?


03-02-2017 08:27:23 UTC

It must be. I thought I did it five minutes before midnight but I might have had the blank window open before, thinking about it.