Monday, November 18, 2019

The Second Transformation [Monster]

Near the Cathedral’s crossing, Kevan is sitting with his back against a massive pier, looking haggard and pale but very much human. The small party of Adventurers is sitting around him, having a quick bite and taking stock of the battle that was raging not long ago. As Kevan tries – and fails – to explain what it felt like to be the Monster, the Duke of Waltham observes his companion with interest, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Then again, was anything about this day ordinary? It is no less than a miracle how quickly everyone’s wounds healed; the Monster’s roar is still ringing in their ears, yet the Adventurers have shaken off the fight’s physical toll like a bad dream.

But maybe… What is this feeling? All of a sudden, his heart is racing and his breath becomes uneven. Skin crawling, hairs standing on end and eyes watering from the pain that is taking over his entire being, the Duke feels himself melt into a dark shadow fogging his thoughts, but not before he catches Kevan’s eyes, which widen in fear as he recognises the symptoms. He knew it, deep inside he knew that this wasn’t over yet… As did the Priest, watching from afar, who sees the warriors reach for their swords and prepare for another round of battling against one of their own.

And the light from the great dome overhead fades into darkness once more, as if someone has drawn a blanket of starless night over the Cathedral.

The Monster has one instance of Visible Monstrosities, Bulk.



11-19-2019 16:41:48 UTC