Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Statolith speaks, gently

Beautiful Organs.

In this dynasty, I will from now on tend to veto the following, without spite or malice, in the name of balance.

Vast, baroque proposals. It’s not much fun looking for loopholes that arrive ready-drilled in a massive block of rules. Try making smaller proposals. There are many of us, and I feel it is keeping some of us from proposing rules to continuously wade through those sprawling tangles.

Proposals that are thrown out unfinished to be endlessly discussed and reshaped. This dynasty has a strong collaborative element, but this is again locking out anyone who is not following all the discussion threads, and it is creating unpleasant undercurrents socially. You propose, someone votes, that’s what happened.

Proposals design to tease an individual. By all means, it is part of Blognomic to target an individual in the game, and there are complex mechanisms at work around that. But if I feel it’s done in bad spirit, I will veto.

There will be balance.


derrick: HE/HIM

03-18-2017 20:09:11 UTC

All hail the mighty statolith!

Mea culpa on the first two. I’ll try to do better .


03-18-2017 20:12:38 UTC

Don’t take it as a criticism - everyone is doing what they enjoy.
Think of it as topiary. I started a sprawling dynasty and now I am coming in to prune a bit. You all made a beautiful thing.


03-18-2017 20:13:20 UTC

Or, to stay on theme, as a stage of development in the life cycle.

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 20:14:42 UTC

Does this mean I’m not a bad person if I just see a proposal and vote on it, without waiting around for six hours to see if anyone has anything else to add?

I maintain that none of my proposals were for the purpose of teasing.  I wouldn’t waste my pending proposal slots like that.


03-18-2017 20:22:51 UTC

No judgement here about specific proposals, just a reassurance of balance. Once accusations are made, retaliations follow unless there is a reassurance.
I will personally start giving my vote after about an hour when I have made up my mind, in this dynasty. Let’s see how that goes.


03-18-2017 21:12:07 UTC

Read everything, looks good. Appreciated.