Saturday, September 11, 2021

Proposal: The Truth is Neither Here nor There

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Sep 2021 08:46:04 UTC

Enact a new rule, “The Memory Hole”:-

The Ministry of Information should not publish or share any of the privately-tracked gamestate information from this dynasty, even after the dynasty is over. This takes precedence over any agreements to do so that they made prior to this rule’s existence.

Counterpoint to After the End: that this dynasty’s secret information remains so forever.


Josh: he/him

11-09-2021 16:31:48 UTC


Clucky: he/him

11-09-2021 22:45:26 UTC


I believe this prevents Josh from sharing any private information we’re allowed to know

Vovix: he/him

12-09-2021 05:09:35 UTC

Damn, a straight-up NDA? Perhaps in 10 years, we will see a rule with a binding arbitration clause. Also, does this actually work? Once the dynasty is over, this rule will be repealed along with the rest of the dynastic ruleset.

Kevan: Drone he/him

12-09-2021 09:24:58 UTC

[Clucky] Oh, my mistake, I was juggling this around so much that I lost the important “after the DoV passes” bit somewhere. I’ll repropose it at some point.

against Self-kill.

[Vovix] It works as much as the earlier After the End proposal would have: it’s just letting Josh know how a majority want him to handle the endgame. Neither “actually works” - this one is only a “should not” and the other asked that he “shall be open” to talking about the information, in both cases he could do the opposite and break no rules - but they’re clear enough that a deliberate breach would affect his general Imperial reputation in future dynasties.


12-09-2021 11:34:00 UTC

My intent was that After The End has some soft power in that Josh “should” do these things (while its still in the Ruleset), and it was worded so that an Emperor could choose to keep it during an AA and it would still, on a formal level, have that soft power.

Of course I agree with that the social expectation part is very relevant too and it is also part of After The End.

Raven1207: he/him

12-09-2021 15:12:28 UTC


SupernovaStarbright: she/they

12-09-2021 19:02:37 UTC