Thursday, January 27, 2022

Proposal: The Winter

Timed Out. Passes 4 - 2—- Clucky

Adminned at 29 Jan 2022 19:42:45 UTC

If the rule Departments contains the sentence “The CEO has the sole power to set and/or change an Employee’s department, which is publicly tracked”, change it to

The CEO has the power to set and/or change an Employee’s department, with the exception that they are unable to change an Employee’s Department to or from On Strike, except as described in the rule On Strike. An Employee’s Department is publicly tracked.

Add the following to the list of available Departments in the rule Departments:

* On Strike

Add the following as a subrule to the rule Departments, called On Strike:

An Employee may set their Department to On Strike as a Weekday Action. All Employees whose Department is On Strike may be said to be Striking. A Striking Employee must set their Productivity to zero and may not increase it by any means. A Striking Employee may have a Demand, which is free text containing no wikimedia formatting, and which must specifically and solely demand that the CEO carry out a single action that they are permitted to carry out by the ruleset; and which defaults to blank.

An Employee may only perform a Picket action if they belong to the On Strike Department. As a Weekday Action, an Employee may Picket, which is an atomic action with the following steps:
* Add or change their Demand
* Decrease the company budget and increase the company debt by x%, where x is the number of Striking Employees

The CEO may freely Accede to a Demand, by carrying out an Action demanded of them by a Striking Employee (ensuring that that action is otherwise legally carried out) and then changing that Employee’s Department.


lendunistus: he/him

27-01-2022 17:07:32 UTC

this seems like it’s easily abuseable (a bunch of players going on strike with a demand to pass a proposal that includes a win condition, a bunch of players going on strike with a demand to pass a proposal to give a player the required things to achieve said wincon, etc)

Josh: he/him

27-01-2022 17:31:06 UTC

The CEO can’t “carry [those] out [as] a single action that they are permitted to carry out by the ruleset”.

Brendan: he/him

27-01-2022 18:35:46 UTC


Clucky: he/him

27-01-2022 19:06:41 UTC



Josh: he/him

27-01-2022 20:01:56 UTC

...oh no what did I do wrong

Brendan: he/him

27-01-2022 20:37:19 UTC

for Workers of the world, unite!


27-01-2022 21:02:09 UTC

against Lol. This is “Pay me AND I won’t work!”

Josh: he/him

27-01-2022 21:24:07 UTC

Yeah, that’s what a strike is!


27-01-2022 22:38:43 UTC

Googled “do strikers get paid”:

“When a worker chooses to go on strike, that person is not entitled to a normal paycheck from their employer. However, many unions will have a strike fund that will help striking employees meet their basic financial needs.”

I guess this would mean we’re unionizing.


27-01-2022 22:39:50 UTC

My first Demand: Veto this proposal!


28-01-2022 08:47:58 UTC

for Alright, I can’t actually see any scams yet, and it’s pretty flavorful. I was objecting mostly for the lol of it.  arrow


28-01-2022 08:48:16 UTC


SupernovaStarbright: she/they

28-01-2022 18:48:28 UTC

against The “:D”‘s give me pause

Zack: he/him

29-01-2022 07:28:41 UTC

against For obvious reasons, but I don’t hate it thematically speaking