Saturday, April 03, 2010

Theme ideas

As people don’t seem to be too invested in the current theme, I think it would be best to start afresh with a new theme. I really only have one fleshed out theme prepared, but the sort of gameplay I have in mind for that dynasty is much too similar to the previous (ais’s) one, so I’d like to save that one for another time. Here are some ideas I do have:

1. An Absurdist dynasty, like Elias IX’s vegetable dynasty. Players are Sheep, I am the Shepherd.
2. Insects. Players are nests of ants, bees and wasps competing for food and territory.
3. Mining Camp Expedition, loosely based on Dwarf Fortress (credits to Put for the inspiration). The gameplay would take place on the wiki on this map. Players can dig into the mountain, chop down trees, construct buildings, hunt and fish etc.. and change the map accordingly. I’m leaning towards this one.

Does any of these strike your fancy? Ideas and suggestions are, of course, welcome.


Josh: he/they

03-04-2010 10:01:38 UTC

I like the idea of the DF theme, but given that the new version just came out I can only take so much encroachment of DF into my time… Given that, I’d probably prefer the insect one best.


03-04-2010 10:43:54 UTC

I’m up for insects as well.


03-04-2010 11:14:44 UTC

I may de-idle for insects.


03-04-2010 12:45:12 UTC

The DF-esque dynasty is a brilliant idea, and Insects sounds good as well. Also, I suggested some kind of hacking/spam dynasty, inspired by the current influx of spam accounts, in a comment on Then again, I should probably save that one in case I ever win a Dynasty…

redtara: they/them

03-04-2010 14:16:17 UTC

I like insects.


03-04-2010 14:19:16 UTC

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to go with the DF idea despite the comments in support of an insect dynasty. I fear that we would run out of subject matter rather soon if we went with the insect theme, and think the map concept offers interesting and unique gameplay opportunities,


03-04-2010 14:27:53 UTC

Oh cool I’m a source of inspiration. be inspired, be very inspired.