Thursday, October 08, 2009

Theme Proposal: Points

Okay, what about making the whole theme about points? I like Bucky’s propoposal on its simplicity, but completely dislike the Merits concept. Why? It’s the same thing as Groundhog dynasty, and that one went really great, right? So why don’t we center ourselves against a simple resource like Points and try to relate points gaining to rule-affecting actions? I propose this guidelines:

* Points are the only single resource EVER.
* No longwinded statekeeping. All the last dynasties had tons of stuff to track that no one cared about.
* No external documents, maps, inventory listings or shops. They haven’t really gotten any use in the last 5 dynasties or so.
* Award points to things related to making and passing proposals, for example, betting on proposals, taxing the proposals or other players, giving additional points for passing tricky proposals, etc.
* We DO need some sort of benefit for admins. Sometimes proposals are very complicated to enact and pose no reward for the person that has to carry them out.
* No grinding actions of any sort. If an action does not promote social gameplay it doesn’t award any points

We have a chance to make a simple and fun dynasty this time, rather than boring chores, please consider it.



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Ienpw III:

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Although we need at least one other resource otherwise there’s no stategy. Betting maybe, though I must note that even the slightest non-lottery betting is considered gambling (and is therefore illegal) where I live.


10-08-2009 07:26:05 UTC

Yay! No grinding, please!


10-08-2009 13:09:42 UTC

for Wow, BlogNomic is ending up even more like the glory days of B.


10-08-2009 17:30:50 UTC

I quite like most of the points made in the post (except maybe admin advantages), but Qwazukee’s post is what’s really captured me here. I want limericks in this dynasty.