Thursday, January 11, 2018

Proposal: There And Back Again

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 11 Jan 2018 21:04:54 UTC

In “Endgame”, remove “Performing this action makes you achieve victory.”

Add a new paragraph to the rule:-

A Failed Experiment who has performed the heroic actions of Understand the Truth, Save your Family and Escape has achieved victory. A Failed Experiment who has not performed all three of these heroic actions has not achieved victory, and a Pending DoV by a Failed Experiment who has not performed all three of these heroic actions may be Failed by any Admin at any time.

Looks like we’re seeing quite a chilling effect from one player having announced that they think they’ve reached the victory condition, yet not stepping up with a DoV to actually end the game. Let’s force that hand - or just make the intended rule fixes watertight, if Cuddlebeam has had a change of heart.



01-11-2018 11:55:30 UTC



01-11-2018 12:05:05 UTC

[Axemabaro] You’re not an active player right now, so can’t cast votes - you idled out automatically at the end of December. Do you want to be unidled?


01-11-2018 12:39:54 UTC



01-11-2018 13:19:38 UTC



01-11-2018 13:23:16 UTC

Okay, you’re back, quorum remains 4, and your vote up there is now a valid one, no need to recast it.


01-11-2018 19:36:56 UTC

So how does that last sentence interact with
“This rule cannot be overruled by Dynastic Rules as it relates to Declarations of Victory, but can be overruled in other matters.”? I"m not sure what the other matters could even be.


01-11-2018 19:56:45 UTC

I don’t think it’s “overruling” anything. The first half certainly isn’t, as it’s just defining who has and hasn’t achieved victory, which we do all the time. I suppose the second might be.

The “cannot be overruled” is an odd clause to have in the core ruleset. Do we know why it’s there?