Saturday, April 10, 2010

Proposal: This dynasy is missing something…

Passes with 10 for and one against —Wakukee

Adminned at 12 Apr 2010 21:45:18 UTC

Change the first paragraph of rule 2.3 (“Energy”) to read:

Each Colonist has an amount of Energy, and a level of Sobriety, which are tracked in GNDT.  New Colonists start with 50 Energy and 0 Sobriety.  As a weekly action, a Colonist may rest, and set his Energy to either (100 - his Sobriety), or 35, whichever is larger.

Create a field in the GNDT called “Sobriety” and set all Colonists’ Sobriety to 0.

Change the first bullet point in rule 2.2.1 (“Locations”) to read:

* Bed: A Colonist who is Indoors and in a Bed may set his Energy to 50 more than the amount specified in rule 2.3 when resting.

Add the following bullet points to rule 2.3.2 (“Tasks”):

* Brew.  The Colonist may spend 5 Energy and turn a Small Crop at his location into Dirt to add 8 Drinks to the Stockpile, or spend 5 Energy and turn a Mature Crop at his location into Dirt to add 12 Drinks to the Stockpile.
* Drink.  The Colonist may spend 1 Energy and remove one Drink from the Stockpile to decrease his Sobriety by 5.  This task may only be performed by Colonists whose Sobriety is a positive number.  If this would cause his Sobriety to become negative, it will be set to 0 instead.

Add the following bullet point to rule 2.4 (“Jobs”):

* Brewer: Any Colonist who has performed the Brew task three times in one week may become a Brewer.  A Brewer will produce 15 Drinks when Brewing from a Small Crop, and 20 Drinks when Brewing from a Mature Crop.

I’ve specifically not made any mechanism for increasing Sobriety, for two reasons:
1.  We don’t have any booze yet.
2.  I can’t think of a way to do it that doesn’t involve a lot of overhead for someone.  (Ideas?)

Since all the numbers will also need to scale to the rate that Sobriety increases at, I figure we can approve this now, make some booze, and then make another proposal with Sobriety fully implemented, maybe with slightly different numbers and possibly some modifications if I’ve missed something or worded it stupidly.


Darknight: he/him

10-04-2010 22:07:06 UTC



11-04-2010 02:31:45 UTC

for  I don’t recall the proposal that created the Crops, but I see them in the legend so I don’t mind.

Oracular rufio:

11-04-2010 02:55:08 UTC


11-04-2010 03:28:27 UTC

Ah. I didn’t read that one; I only voted FOR because I don’t like it when people vote DEFERENTIAL on proposals made by the Emperor.

Josh: he/they

11-04-2010 07:35:00 UTC

for Although booze should really make Dwarves happier and more capable, rather than the opposite. As written, there’s no incentive to drink booze, and, y’know, whut.

Kevan: City he/him

11-04-2010 08:24:28 UTC


Oracular rufio:

11-04-2010 08:39:45 UTC

Josh - it does, or it will once fully implemented.  The idea is to make it so that sobriety goes up over time, and you have to keep drinking to lower it again.  Since energy gain on resting is limited to 100 - sobriety, there is definitely a reason to keep sobriety as low as possible, and more booze = more productivity.

Josh: he/they

11-04-2010 08:42:25 UTC

Ah, I misread that. Apologies.


11-04-2010 09:48:08 UTC



11-04-2010 11:30:48 UTC


I would also vote for a mechanism of becoming addictive. Generally, drinking should become a little bit dangerous, for example: It is a really good idea to play next to the river, if you can’t keep straight on? :P


11-04-2010 13:41:15 UTC

for Dwarves have livers the size of a head, they can handle it.


11-04-2010 18:12:12 UTC


Roujo: he/him

11-04-2010 20:33:26 UTC



12-04-2010 01:32:23 UTC