Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Call for Judgment: This may seem odd, but…

Fails at 3-13. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 22 Apr 2011 08:09:11 UTC

If the DoV “Mortgage Loan” is pending, fail it.

If Purplebeard has not yet won the Fifth Dynasty of ais523, and that dynasty is the current dynasty, award him a win, as if a DoV made by him had been enacted..

I don’t think, according tg the rules, that Purplebeard’s action succeeds or fails; I think it’s a situation that simply isn’t covered by the rules. Thus, I don’t feel comfortable just passing a DoV.

However, I think the scam’s easily ingenious enough to be worth a win, and it would be in many other nomics (including the original Suber ruleset).



20-04-2011 15:52:39 UTC


Josh: he/him

20-04-2011 16:07:49 UTC

against I’d rather the DoV was the sole arbiter of this.


20-04-2011 16:10:09 UTC



20-04-2011 16:13:15 UTC



20-04-2011 17:14:47 UTC

MMMmmh. The “Fifth Dynasty of ais523” is not covered by the ruleset, I think. This may or may not be a problem.


20-04-2011 17:24:17 UTC

And off topic, you said that you like Dynasties with lots of CfJ, didn’t you? I hope you are satisfied :P


20-04-2011 18:27:28 UTC

Ely: that was me, and yes, I am :P

against See my comment on the DoV.


20-04-2011 21:03:10 UTC



20-04-2011 21:34:08 UTC

Was that you? Sorry. I was not a sheep at the time, I just followed mildly.

Roujo: he/him

21-04-2011 00:47:58 UTC

against I’d prefer we go with the DoV… A win is a win.

(Unless it’s given back to the Dynasty’s Emperor, apparently. =P)

Darknight: he/him

21-04-2011 02:12:56 UTC



21-04-2011 03:23:26 UTC

against per josh


21-04-2011 07:05:42 UTC

against Ely has a point. The Ruleset doesn’t know what “the Fifth Dynasty of ais523” is, I think.

Josh: he/him

21-04-2011 08:13:57 UTC

You can go with a common-sense approach, though. The ruleset knows that a dynasty is, so it’s difficult to interpret in any other way than the intended.

Not that the ruleset really needs to know what the Fifth Dynasty of ais is anyway; so long as the gamestate does. If I raised a CfJ which referred to “Declaration of Victory: Mortgage Loan”, the ruleset wouldn’t understand that either.

Kevan: he/him

21-04-2011 08:37:38 UTC

against Not sure I see the need for a system where players can be awarded “wins”.

Arguments about the ruleset “knowing” things seem a little baffling. The ruleset doesn’t know what “hair” is, but we could have a proposal giving a prize to every player who can prove that they have red hair.


21-04-2011 11:28:21 UTC



21-04-2011 13:53:02 UTC

Kevan: Well, the hair thing would be settled by the “normal English usage” thing in the glossary, but I guess that Josh and you are right in that there is really only one way of interpreting this.

I’m still against, though. If the consensus is that my action ‘broke’ the game (which I don’t think it did), resetting the game to just before the action or starting a metadynasty would be better solutions than handing me the win per CfJ.


21-04-2011 14:08:54 UTC



21-04-2011 14:18:08 UTC

against Per Purplebeard


21-04-2011 14:57:51 UTC

against (CoV)
(but my vote in favor of the DoV stands.)


21-04-2011 15:43:01 UTC