Sunday, January 23, 2022

Proposal: This meeting could have been an email

Illegal due to editing/commenting. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 25 Jan 2022 15:45:41 UTC

Create a new rule called “Weekly Roundup” as follows:

The Weekly Roundup is an Event. As a weekly action, the CEO can and should make a blog post with the Weekly Roundup tag. The style and phrasing of the post are flexible, but its body should follow this general format:
* An optional, brief introduction.
* The current Company Value (which is calculated as: the company budget + the total value of all boxes in the Warehouse - the company debt) and it’s percent change since the last weekly roundup.
** If the value is positive and the change is positive, the company is considered profitable. Otherwise, the company is considered not profitable.
* The name of one chosen Employee of the Week (who is not the CEO).
** This Employee is one who the CEO believes deserves recognition for their contributions to the company in the week prior. That employee immediately receives a bonus increase of 3 options, and each employee in the same Department as them immediately receives a bonus increase of 1 option.
* Optionally, a new mission statement for the Boring Box Company.
** If included, the CEO must, immediately after posting, replace the mission statement in the rule “Boring Box Company” with the new one.
* Any number of Objectives for the upcoming week.
** Employees are encouraged to perform actions in the following week that contribute towards achieving these objectives.
* Optional closing remarks.

Employees may make Responses to the Weekly Roundup with the following Response Format:

Promote: X
Demote: Y

…where X is the name of one Employee they vote to promote (or blank), and Y is the name of one Employee they vote to demote (or blank). If an Employee makes more than one comment on a Weekly Roundup that conforms to the Response Format, all but the most recent one are considered flavor text.

Employees are encouraged to leave other comments on the Weekly Roundup to discuss their plans/ideas for the upcoming week, share their own accomplishments, and/or give feedback on other Employees’ performance.

The Ending Condition for the Weekly Roundup is that the post is at least 48 hours old. Anyone may End the Weekly Roundup as long as they perform these Ending Actions:
* Increase by 1 the rank of the Employee who has the most Promote votes, as long as they have a number of Promote votes equal to half of quorum (rounded up) and doing so would not cause someone to have a rank equal to or higher than CEO. Ties are broken by random selection.
* Decrease by 1 the rank of the employee with the most Demote votes, as long as they have a number of Demote votes equal to half of Quorum (rounded up) and doing so would not cause them to have a rank lower than Intern. Ties are broken by random selection.

Communication is key when it comes to success! These weekly meetings will help us all get on the same page. Each meeting will also include courtesy vision and hearings tests to make sure everyone can communicate effectively!


lendunistus: he/him

23-01-2022 19:57:48 UTC

not withdrawing my promotion proposal yet but I’m interested to see where this goes


Zack: he/him

23-01-2022 20:01:09 UTC

Please note this proposal is now illegal since I was editing it while Lendun was posting their vote.