Thursday, July 19, 2012

Proposal: Throw more engineers at it

proposal passes, 3-2 rider fails 1-4—Clucky

Adminned at 21 Jul 2012 14:45:58 UTC

In rule 2.1 “Robots”: Reduce the Reputation level of every Robot by 1.

Replace the following text [in the Forklift section]:

Additional Powers: Any Worker with Forklift as their Robot need only spend 3 Quota to perform a Shift Change.


Additional Powers: When activating the Forklift, after determining which machine is activated, the Worker may instead activate the machine directly above the original machine on the Factory Floor.

If a majority of the EVCs on this proposal contain the phrase “one for all”, set the robot belonging to the Worker named “kops” to the Forklift in the GNDT, and until that value is changed again, the worker “kops” is exempt from the text “If a Worker’s Reputation is ever less than their Robot’s Reputation Level, and their Robot is not the Ambler, their Robot immediately becomes the Ambler ” in the ruleset.

Ambler is becoming tiresome and tedious. It’s been over a month and nobody has gained access to any other robot besides the duster, so… have some forklifts! This should *significantly* speed up machine repair, which I think we all want.

I know ECVs suck but since I’m the only active player with < 2 reputation, I thought you guys might have it in your hearts to let me in on the fun too. Hopefully this method will avoid Clucky’s ire since he seems to think all my actions are geared towards getting reputation for myself only. Admittedly, my Worker’s actions *are* selfish, but I contend my Nomic actions (like this one) are not.



19-07-2012 20:08:41 UTC

for one for all


quirck: he/him

19-07-2012 20:55:06 UTC

This EVC Nomic action is not selfish, huh?..


19-07-2012 20:57:36 UTC

My point was that I didn’t ask for reputation, just the ability to continue helping as efficiently as everyone else…

Clucky: he/him

19-07-2012 21:47:26 UTC

against I like the proposal, but I’m enough against the rider that I’d rather the proposal not pass incase the rider also does.

Clucky: he/him

19-07-2012 21:58:37 UTC

(“helping efficiently” lets you establish links, which gets you merit. so it is still selfish)


19-07-2012 22:19:16 UTC

I don’t understand why you seem to think I’m acting maliciously. The only action I can possibly take which helps me without helping the group is achieving muffin, which I’m sure nobody would pass up given the chance. Do you honestly think I’ve done less than anyone else?

Clucky: he/him

19-07-2012 22:41:49 UTC

Until you tried to deshroud a bunch of machines, you hadn’t deshrouded a single machine since the merit rule was proposed while quirck, moonroof and I all did several. deshrouding is an action that helps the group, but gives you no personal benifit. Its not that you’re not trying to help the group, just that your primary goal is to help yourself, and if helping the group does that you’ll do that too.


19-07-2012 22:46:43 UTC

I can’t remember how the timeline went, but I actually stopped deshrouding when *quota* was introduced, not merit (although it’s possible those coincided, I don’t remember).

Before that, deshrouding didn’t prevent you from doing anything else (i.e. linking), whereas afterwards it did. I honestly found it more useful/interesting to link than deshroud, merit or not.


20-07-2012 04:11:53 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

20-07-2012 09:31:45 UTC

We still need to clarify this in the glossary, but the rider either has no effect (because it doesn’t modify the gamestate, it just tries and fails to create a temporary non-rule rule) or freezes the queue (because this proposal only finishes enacting when “that value is changed again”, and remains the “oldest pending proposal” until that point, or until it times out after 7 days).


20-07-2012 14:00:54 UTC

against  due to the rider.