Thursday, September 05, 2019

Story Post: Thunder on the Ocean

“Hard to port! Engines all ahead full!” roared Captain Thunder to his crew, before turning back to the periscope. The Battleship Tyler loomed in his vision, a floating fortress of steel and fire. “Ready tubes one to four!” A red warning light flashed and a klaxon howled mournfully as the torpedo tubes filled with water, preparing to unleash their deadly loads.


Thunder was thrown to the rusty deckplate as a huge explosion rocked the whole vessel.

“Report!” he yelled, staggering to his feet.

“The Tyler has seen us Captain, she’s firing on us! We’re hit on the aft quarter and shipping water, we’re done for!”

A mad gleam shone from Thunder’s eyes in the gloom of the old submarine. “Not while I’m Captain here. Prepare to fire all torpedoes.”

“Torpedo tubes have lost pressure Sir, we can’t fire!”

“Niet! Then prepare for ramming speed!” Thunder threw the helmsman bodily aside and seized the wheel with a mad laugh. “Perhaps today IS a good day to die!”


But it was not to be; Captain TyGuy6 continued to rain shells on to the Red October’s position, denying Captain Thunder his victory, but granting him a glorious death in honourable battle.




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Hehe thanks! Just a little bit of creative indulgence ;)


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“Blue Team had good naval strategy, except for when they threw themselves onto mines”